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(05-17-2014, 11:24 AM)SJTG1993 Wrote: I'm gonna regret this once I throw my PC through my window, but I'm gonna install this and give it a go. If I have to delete BF4 to do it, so be it.

Youre not in the bf4 cte - it will take a bit of time until the 30hz patch is released to the public peasants that we are Big Grin

Steam: PTG_St3v3oh
Origin: PTG_St3v3oh
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they want to try get it working b4 release, you can definately tell the difference when you come across someone with a 120 + ping, sayin that the game play seems smoother for me ( i have great net anyways ) i do get some frame drops on the levelutions on some maps but alot do atm

its defo worth a bash just to see if its any better play wise, still think to little to late, this should of been done months ago but its a step forward.

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I'd rather have to turn my settings down to get higher fps than the game run at 10 tick, if the game becomes playable i'll start playing again

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"I see now the circumstances of ones birth is irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."


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I dont really understand why the levelution is serverdependend and needs more data.. why not just send a trigger and let the clients calculate it..

Steam: PTG_St3v3oh
Origin: PTG_St3v3oh
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K70 RGB MX Browns ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
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So why do you need premium to try this CTE? Surely if they want to get the best feedback, then would open it up to everyone..

And getting 8bit animations with levelution is getting boring on hinan resort..

[Image: uT4p.png]
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You dont have to have premium. I have premium and am not in. Its different variables..

Steam: PTG_St3v3oh
Origin: PTG_St3v3oh
Battlelog:   ^
K70 RGB MX Browns ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
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(05-18-2014, 02:19 PM)St3v3oh Wrote: You dont have to have premium. I have premium and am not in. Its different variables..

That makes no sense St3v3oh Big Grin Pretty sure it's open to Premium owners only Smile

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(05-18-2014, 02:25 PM)Bomberman Wrote:
(05-18-2014, 02:19 PM)St3v3oh Wrote: You dont have to have premium. I have premium and am not in. Its different variables..

That makes no sense St3v3oh Big Grin Pretty sure it's open to Premium owners only Smile

How does that not makes sense?
it is open to premium only but I still cannot dl the cte.

Steam: PTG_St3v3oh
Origin: PTG_St3v3oh
Battlelog:   ^
K70 RGB MX Browns ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
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Latest Patch

Quote:Today we will patch both server and client on the CTE for the fourth time! This will mean some server downtime. You will also have to update your CTE client in Origin to join servers once they are up again.

This patch includes:

Added netcode high frequency kill switches to disable feature if server performance goes below a certain limit
Changed the way FOV slider option works – the UI now correctly displays vertical FOV
Improved the Uniform Soldier aiming based on CTE player feedback
Added Jet 3P rear view camera
Implemented FOV slider for vehicle 3P chase camera (option)
Potential fix for Hardcore killcard not showing up properly
Visual fix for weapon sticking out of ragdoll and rotating wierdly
Save file location has been separated from BF4 folder
Previous loadouts are now reset – you will have to set them up on the CTE again. The setting used on the CTE will not overwrite the retail game settings anymore.
Obliteration Competitive fixes
Fixed an issue where on some maps players would be invulnerable, tweaked some map layouts, and now the round won’t end if a bomb is planted and time has expired.

This update focuses on the found issues from the spot-testing of the Obliteration Competitive mode. We need to make sure the fixes are adressing the issues found by you guys – and that normal Obliteration works as it is supposed to. We are setting up servers to run Obliteration (regular) as well as the Obliteration Competitive.
We are also testing some performance on our old favorite Hainan Resort – I urge you all to
fill that server so we get the best performance data we can get!

We are getting new servers this week hopefully! We will bolster the EU server-pool, adding servers for US East, Australia, Asia and South America. We’ll keep you updated once the servers start coming online. Thanks for your patience!

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Patch 5

Today we will patch both server and client on the CTE for the fifth time! This will mean some server downtime. You will also have to update your CTE client in Origin to join servers once they are up again.

This patch includes:

Jet rear-view camera on separate button (Free look)
Russian Stealth jet ECM visual effect fix
Uniform Soldier Aiming improvements (Based on CTE player feedback)

The contents of this patch includes fixes based on your feedback through the forums in the CTE. We would like you all to test these items to make sure we adressed them correctly (in your opinion)!
The end?!

This patch concludes the first initiative on the CTE. The end of an initiative will not necessarily mean we won’t be working on additional fixes and tweaks in this area – it will just not be the focus of the full team.

For instance, we are working on automating the client side High frequency update option (and removing the option), as well as other tweaks and fixes to the netcode in general.

In the coming days we will switch to the natural follow up to network/”netcode” issues – Core Gameplay. More information about next initiative will be posted soon!

The next release in the retail game will include a bulk of the changes and fixes made on the CTE. We think this collection of changes to the game, which were tested through the CTE is significant enough to warrant its own release as early as possible.

The upcoming release will contain the following features and fixes (PC, see coming patch notes for detailed list per platform):

Fix for explosion packs not being shootable sometimes
Fix for reducing damage mismatch between client/server
Fix for third person player orientation mismatch
Character collision improvements
Improvements for client side packet loss
Various server performance improvements
High Frequency Bubble
Server to client “tickrate” improvements for damage, position, rotation, projectiles and stance (infantry/vehicle)
High Frequency Bubble: Added client option to set frequency of server to client update rate (OFF/LOW/MED/HIGH, default: OFF)
High Frequency Bubble: Added server kill switches to disable feature for rest of round based on low server performance
Dampened explosive camera shake
Reduced FrameHistoryTime by 33% (less time for a client to inflict damage to enemy during packet loss)
Various server side network improvements and fixes

The following fixes and improvements did not make this release – and will continue to be tested on the CTE for upcoming releases.

Not all fixes and improvements are guaranteed a release however – some will not meet our quality demands or are simply tests for the CTE environment.

Possible fix for PC chat delay (unconfirmed)
Hainan Resort: Under-terrain exploit fix
Deathshield fix (already live, CTE integration)
Obliteration Competitive mode
Operation Metro 2014 exploit fix (partial)
PC-Client stability improvement
High Altitude Jet fix (Released separately very soon)
Changed the way FOV slider option works – the UI now correctly displays vertical FOV
Improved the Uniform Soldier aiming based on CTE player feedback
Added Jet 3P rear view camera
Implemented FOV slider for vehicle 3P chase camera (option)
Visual fix for weapon sticking out of ragdoll and rotating weirdly
Fix for Hardcore killcard not showing up properly

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nitiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #2

Quote:As the Ballistic Shield was released into the wild last Friday, we have been watching your feedback on our initial setup and how you have been using it. Todays update will tune the shield to match up with the design intent, and fix some bugs related to tank and projectile damage to the shield.

This is a small but quick update, as we need to get changes in to the build slated for Dragon’s Teeth release. We hope you enjoy the changes we have made – and can’t wait to get your continued feedback on these tweaks.

In this update we also enable all the Dragon’s Teeth weapons, and continue to run the servers with all unlocks enabled – so please focus on testing these as well!

These are the actual changes made to this build:

Shield bash damage, distance & spread tuned – no more one-hit kills.
Shield incoming projectile damage improved. Single tank AP-round now kills.
All Dragon’s Teeth weapons available for testing.

As this week is E3 week – the CTE will be a little less active than normal. We are still hard at work on both netcode and gameplay improvements for the coming CTE releases however!

Thanks given by:
Initiative #2: DICE <3 RUSH

Quote:UPDATE: We messed up! The updated RUSH layouts were eaten by the evil buildmonkey. We will make sure these gets included in tomorrows update!

As promised, we will be giving the gamemode Rush some love this initiative!
The first pair of maps up for testing is Siege of Shanghai and Zavod 311.

We’ve heard your feedback, we’ve checked our telemetry, we’ve watched countless hours of streamed gameplay and of course played Rush in the live environment ourselves. We decided on this initiative because we felt we could increase the quality of the Rush experience in the BF4 base game maps by small means such as tweaking vehicle setup or MCOM placement. With CTE up and running, we have a great opportunity to get some player feedback on some changes we’ve playtested internally and see if it’s something we want to push live.

The main focus of the changes has been to increase the balance and flow of Rush rounds. Often this means making it easier for the attackers to tackle certain MCOMs that were frustrating. Worst offenders were maps where it’s rare to see attackers progress past the first base.

Although there is no accounting for bad team mates, I hope you’ll find the most difficult bases less frustrating than before.


We’d like to get your feedback on the changes to the gamemode in general, and to these two maps in particular. Please direct your feedback to the appropriate forum for each map!

These are the general Rush changes:

Removed Commander by default in Rush
Reduced radar sweep range around attacker bases
Round start timer addition (we are investigating final solution, not active in this release)
Made sure final attacker tickets are not reset after the last base explodes


Removed all air vehicles to make this a land strike in Rush.
Cut the power to all the elevators in the map.
Tweaked MCOM positions of all bases. Base #2 was especially problematic for attackers if they didn’t have enough of a momentum.
Tweaked vehicle setup.
Slightly tweaked certain combat areas, spawns
Added a few cover pieces to go with the updated MCOM positioning.


Wanted to make this map easier for attackers particularly on bases 1 and 4.
Major rebalance on vehicle balance in favor of attackers. For example: transport helicopter given to attackers from base 2 and onwards. This is especially helpful on the “impossible last base”.
Tweaks on MCOM positions and minor changes to elements such as combat areas, spawns etc.
Added a few pieces of additional cover.
Reduced terrain crater depth.

Thanks given by:
With this release we are bringing back features put into exile for Dragon’s Teeth testing, and preparing for the coming Core Gameplay and Netcode changes.

We are adding back the features previously on the CTE:

Uniform Aiming
Jet 3P rear view camera
SU50 plays proper VFX when deploying ECM
FOV slider for vehicle 3P chase camera (option)
Changed the way FOV slider option works
UI now correctly displays both vertical FOV and old FOV value

These features were added in this release:

Base map rush changes
More info here: DICE <3 RUSH
SU50/F35 pilots now hear proper sound when being shot
Jets and helicopters keyboard binding options screen now properly allows to un-assign the free-look button
New Jet stall physics and camera feedback when hitting the flight ceiling
Adding the CTE version number
Top left corner, used for version tracking of videos/screenshots
Supression visualization pass
Adding a first pass vignette to the supression state to clearly indicate when in supressed state on all graphic settings. No changes to how it works (yet). More information to be posted by dev Undeadpixels here:
Open Suppression: How it works and more

The first step of automating the client side High Frequency Update setting (and eventually remove it) has been completed:

Network Performance Graph added You enable this by bringing down the console in game by pressing the tilde key [~], and use the console command: “NetworkPerfOverlay.drawGraph true” to show the graph.
We hope most of you will play with this overlay enabled when testing netcode issues and recording video – as it will help us identify what the state of the network is at all times.

[Image: newsitem_netgraph2-618x331.png?v=1403230703.29]
The Network Performance Graph enabled

In the next CTE update, the first version of the automatic High Frequency setting will be included.

Once live – the Network Performance Graph visualization will be key to make sure the server to client update rate is 30hz at all times possible, and that it adapts properly and swiftly to changing network conditions.

Getting this right will be tricky – and we are going to need your help!

Thanks given by:
Quote:Another day, another update! We didn’t want to leave you guys without some really cool new stuff for the weekend to test – so we pushed through a build today!

There might not be many changes in this patch – but they are highly sought after ones:

We have a technical solution for visual recoil that basically makes the red dot stable with gun moving as it always has (We all have Talen_Prime to thank for this potential solution).There are several known kinks and visual bugs with this however (scale of some guns’s red dot being a big one) – but we thought: why not let the CTE players help us find these, instead of waiting?
So if you feel inclined – we’d like to know what sights work well, which don’t and why. It should be pretty simple fixes all in all – and gameplay wise it should work well on most guns already.

Things to look for: off-center sights, parts of sights not moving as expected, clipping of the “red dot” it self, scale of the centerpiece, etc. Try different video settings (low, med, high, ultra) to cover all bases.

I’ve now made the first of many changes coming to suppression. (See suppression post here).I’ve removed all recoil penalties from suppression for aiming down sights, and reduced hip fire penalties by 75% These changes will be an iterative process so it would be great to get everyone’s feedback.Why this first? Aside from being the quickest thing to change, I feel that recoil modifiers are too dependent on a weapon’s base stats and that the suppression you feel should be the same regardless of your loadout.My intention with this change is to get suppression feeling more even across the game.
I understand that flinching is the biggest problem here and adds a lot of imbalance to scoped weapons, so hopefully we can address that soon.Please continue to post feedback and suggestions. I will be making more posts to the suppression thread soon.
Keep being wonderful.


Thanks given by:
Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #5

This is what is included in this patch:

Jet Tweaks

All third person jet chase cameras retuned
Different positions, chase behavior, 1P/3P/rear view instant switching, aligned with weapons and first person view, default FOV increased by 10 degrees
Reticle added in jet third person view
(levels the player field since some people already draw such on their monitors with sharpies to gain advantage)
Added jet roll camera option
Choose whether the jet third person chase camera rolls with the jet or not (BF2/BF3)
Added an experimental drop shadow to 3P crosshairs
It is now visible against bright background (e.g. clouds, sun, etc.)
Animation Tweaks

Reduced 3p hit reaction animation movement (head flinching)
To move head less when damage is applied. First pass.

Obliteration Fixes

Made obliteration bomb HUD icon show/hide every 10s/5s
For the enemy bomb carrier, always shows up when the carrier gets into a vehicle.
Added back round end timer pausing for Obliteration when a bomb is planted
(time has run out)
Added bomb carrier driver alert
Bomb carrier jumps into the vehicle you are driving triggers message to driver

Commander Fixes

Increased the gunship cooldown for Commander to 60 sec.
Bug fix
Fixed edge case where a commander asset will never get “activated” for a team if it is under proxy attack (frozen state)

General Fixes

Made both 40mm and M18 smoke grenades spawn more smoke quicker
Also matches the “no spotting” bubble better – should be more usable in tactical situations.
Lancang Dam VO and Alarm Changes
No more repeating chinese lady!
Added Caspian Border 2014 map to CTE map pool

Mini Initiative: UI Triage

We are kicking off a mini-initiative to de-clutter and improve on the UI and tweaks starting with adding one of the most sought after features. It’s still a bit rough around the edges, but we wanted you to see it early!

First pass of Triage system added
Visualizes how long time a player is in revivable state for better prioritization
Known issues are clipping text, and size is too big as well.
X_Assassinator is the dev running this effort, I’ve opened a feedback thread specifically for UI here: Open UI-Triage Forum.

We’ve listened to your feedback and this patch includes the first update to Zavod 311 map based on that.
We are also adding another map to the pool – Operation Locker.


Small note:The fact that we’ve reduced the range of the radar sweep on attacker HQ + no commander should really benefit sneaky flanking on this map. I’ll be especially monitoring cover problems in feedback but any other feedback is of course welcome as usual.
Adjusted defender combat area at base 1 to not allow them as close to attacker spawn
Adjusted defender spawns at base 1
Adjusted attacker combat area at base 1
Moved MCOM 1A
Added some cover around 1A & 1B
Added some cover for attacker advancement in the main corridor towards base 2
Removed floating props after set piece event at base 3
Increased radius of pre destruction to make set-piece event happen automatically at base 3
Moved 3A & 3B further apart moved existing rush cover to support it
Added collision to the side of the balconies to restrict player access at base 3
Moved defender spawns at base 3 backwards to not have them spawn too close to the objectives
Moved 5A & 5B slightly


Moved attacker flags 1, 2, 3, 4 to avoid a bug with radar sweep object in flag prefab and also to reposition for better radar sweeps
Fixed bug with a defender spawn on base 1 spawning outside of combat area
Moved MCOM 1A and 1B slightly
Added some cover around MCOM 1B and one piece of cover to 1A
Fixed a floating rock close to base 1
Removed predestruction on building at base 2
Moved MCOM 2A and 2B slightly
Added some cover around MCOM 2A and 2B
Moved an emplaced AT at base 2
Moved an emplaced AT at base 3
Removed an emplaced AT at base 3
Removed MGL battlepickup at base 3
Levolution auto triggered at the start of the game
Moved MCOM 3B
Extended defender combat area at base 3 backwards a bit
Very slightly extended attacker combat area on base 4

Zavod Vehicle changes

Attacker transport helo now only allowed inside infantry combat area
Attacker transport helo moved to start at base 3 instead of 2
Attacker MBT replaced with MRAP
Attacker AAV replaced with IFV
Defender MBT added for base 3

Thanks given by:
Awesome changes. Really.Love it. Go on DICE!

Thanks given by:
I find it sad theyre just now starting to really trust the community on gameplay decisions. imagine that on bf3.. less suppression and so on, better mapdesign. it couldve been an even better game. welp.. better late than never

Steam: PTG_St3v3oh
Origin: PTG_St3v3oh
Battlelog:   ^
K70 RGB MX Browns ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
[Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=19113.0;...5220;image]


Thanks given by:
Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #6

Another day – another release. We are very happy to release the first draft for the automatic “tickrate” today – and need your help testing it!

This is what is included in this patch:

General Fixes

Field Upgrades issues fixed
Field upgrades now properly persist between rounds, and does not get interrupted by spawning into a vehicle.
Smoke Grenade tweaks
Thicker smoke, larger & wider area covered
Added China Rising maps
For future testing, will make the build a bit bigger – sorry!
Significant jet main guns visual recoil reduction
Ballistic Shield fixes
Spelling error fixed, Zoom/ADS transition tweaked.

Visual Recoil Fixes

As the initial test panned out well in terms of gameplay, we are now cleaning up the little mess we created visually.
Starting with the red-dot sights first, going through all the weapons.
Feedback on these updated red-dot sights in this forum: Open Visual Recoil Forum.

Fix for different resolutions rendering
Now renders the same regardless of resolution, still means many guns look wonky allthough!
All Red dot sights fixed for three weapons:
Ace 23, SCAR-H & AK12 – more to come.

UI Triage
The UI polish and de-clutter effort continues:

Polished Revive Triage progress
Adjustable visibility for HUD World Icons
(like capture points, objectives, soldiers, vehicles, etc)
3 sliders controlling the transparency in the gameplay options screen
For non-zoom, zoom and enemies
Multiple additional transparency values in the profile
Per icon type for the zoom mode
3p reticule polished
Now works even better against white/light backgrounds.
Q5 fantan HUD fixed

Netcode: Automatic Hi-Frequency Network Updates

The first pass at making the client setting automatic is in this release. We are in need of testing to make sure it works for all players (bad connections and good).

Videos with the network graph turned on and the option set to AUTO would be very helpful. More information in the newly created forum: Open Automatic option forum

Added AUTO option to Hi-Frequency Network Updates Option
Utilizes connection status to set the server to client “tickrate”. Goal is for this to stay as high as possible at all possible times regardless of your connection speed.
Additional network improvements
We’ve shaved off even more time where possible, which should result in an even snappier feeling gameplay.

Due to your great continued feedback, we have a lot of tweaks & fixes added today. We are also adding Rogue Transmission to the mix.

General Fixes

Rush default time limit per base lowered from 60 to 15 minutes
Longer default pre-match timer
Made 100 tickets the default Rush ticket value for PS4, Xbone & PC


Improved initial terrain loading
Fixed some crater depth problems in terrain
Removed a few static weapons for the defenders
Renamed A<->B MCOMs based on left / right
Moved emplaced MG on base 1
Combat areas edited around base 1
Edited defender spawns at base 1
Moved defender base 1 HQ flag to better represent where they’re coming from
Moved MCOM B at base 1 up to containers to give more to fight about in that area. Leaves the flanking route down left from there open for flanking
Added automatic destruction of the wire bases after base 1 is taken to disallow people running up the wires
Added some containers to allow more of a fight around MCOM A at base 2
Moved MCOMs on base 2
Edited terrain slightly and fixed some art bugs at base 2
Added some more cover to base 2 for new defender spawns
Combat areas edited at base 2
Moved defender spawns at base 2
Defender HQ flag moved at base 2
Moved MCOMs on base 3
Moved some spawn points for attackers base 3
Edited some defender spawns at base 3
Attacker HQ flags moved at base 3 and 4 for proper radar sweeping
Moved MCOM A on base 4 up to the top floor of that building to make it a bit harder and a bit more interesting to fight in the last base
Moved MCOM B on base 4 to the big pillar platform
Moved base 4 attacker IFV slightly
Added cover around MCOM B at base 4
Added two ladders up to MCOM B at base 4 (two of the 3 that you can find in the infantry game modes there. The ladder is the same as the one loaded in at base 2)

Vehicle Changes

Removed attacker jet, tank and helicopter
Removed all defender vehicles except they now have an MBT on 3 & 4
Removed one attacker ATV from all bases
Added one attacker light jeep on base 1 & 2
Removed two buggy MRAPS on a slope at attacker base 3


Shuffled some cover around
Moved MCOMs 2B, 3B, 4B outside
Edited attacker combat area on base 2 to allow for better flanking
Fixed collision bug with floor at base 2
Moved MCOM 3A slightly
Moved attacker HQ on base 2 and 5

Thanks given by:
Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #9

This is what is included in this patch:

All previous XPack maps are now available on the CTE
China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike. This will make this particular patch larger, but coming patches should be small again! (we hope).
Remember to test the fixes to Nansha Strike terrain bug and the China Rising map streaming issues! (they should be fixed now)


World HUD icons for mission objectives now scale with distance. Slider added to control that.
Sliders added for setting the master size of the HUD world icons. One for common, one for friendlies and one for enemies.
Reduced the size of the revive HUD world icon/timer by 25% so it matches the size of the rest of the soldier icons.



Rogue Transmission: changed IFV to 60 seconds initial spawn delay on base 2,3,4
Abandoned: changed attacker IFV and defender MBT to 60 seconds initial spawn delay at base 4
Siege: Changed all AAV, MBT initial spawn delay to 60 on base 2,3,4,5
Resort: Set initial spawn delay to 60 on attacker IFVs at base 2,3,4


Completely redid the Rush layout. It’s now reversed with the finale on the rooftops
MCOMs, flags, spawns and combat areas all redone
Removed all vehicles (infantry only now)
Removed all emplaced weapons and battle pickups
Disabled paradrop on spawn beacon in Rush specifically
Levolution set-piece (Flood) no longer automatically triggered. Can’t be triggered before base 3 (due to being out of bounds)
Placed some additional cover in the Rush layer
Fixed some art related glitches (floating graffiti, floating trash etc.)


Touched up MCOM positions
Added new Rush specific cover
Went over and edited combat zones, spawnpoints and HQ flags
Edited emplaced weapons (removed some, moved some)
Painted terrain destruction layer to work with new cover
Fixed a bug that would despawn defender MBT on base 1
Fixed a bug in commander for obliteration that I fixed (tomahawk was tied to A for team 2 instead of C)
Added a pre destruction volume for a prop by the train at base 1
Set initial spawn delay on MBTs to 60 seconds for base 2
Set respawn delay explicitly on LTVs to 15 seconds
Fixed a bug with defender squad spawning on base 4 and 5


Base 1 attackers: 2 x MBT, 2 x LTV
Base 1 defenders: 1 x MBT
Base 2 attackers: 1 x MBT, 1 x LTV
Base 2 defenders: infantry only
Base 3,4,5 attackers & defenders: infantry only

Thanks given by:
Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #10

This is what is included in this patch:

Obliteration Changes
Fixed an issue where exiting a vehicle would stop updating the HUD position
Increased the HUD update “ping” time to 10s from 5s

Lowering Encounter Randomness Effort

We have added a visual represenation for the defensive perk (the one that removes 10% damage to upper body). Enemies using this will now sport a nifty new “dorito” with a shield outline to tell you they will normally take one more bullet to kill. We are still evaluating the order of the perks in the defensive tree, and we might look into stirring that pot in the future!

Revive Fixes

Revives should now revive the one aimed at first (not the guy behind you or next to him on the floor) – we need testing this works as intended, and has no follow up issues!
We also fixed an issue with defibrillator firing over the network for “hold” weapons and gadgets on release – be on the lookout for issues with hold and release weapons and gadgets after this patch.

Defibrillator – Fully Charged

We’ve added a sound when the defibrillator is fully charged
Head flinching redux
We’ve now reduced “that one” animation that ducked down severly to be more of a nod forward – this makes the head bounce around much less – and should help with the head behind cover hiding issue!

Server Degradation Telemetry

This build includes some extra telemetry for our servers to pinpoint the degradation issue – please let us know if the server performance goes bad!

Netcode: AUTO option forced

The AUTO option has performed without breaking the game (it seems) – which means we can enforce it now to get even more and better testing.
If you see any issues (use the network graph!) – let us know in the appropriate forum and videos are _very_ helpful in this matter!

UI Triage
Fixed the health bar world icon not scaling issue.
Enabled world icons to draw when the gameplay options is rendering (for you to be able to see them when changing the options)

World Cup Fever

The finals of the World Cup is happening this weekend! Celebrate your favorite finals-team with a Battlefield themed Football/Soccer game – if you find it that is!

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