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its all good and all, but the main game is broken, but sure lets get the cte working fine.

[Image: baghghawgrtgdsd.jpg]
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the fixes on the CTE are put into the main game hence why there is a CTE

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CTE existed primarily to ensure Hardline isn't such a fuck up on release IMO. Without Hardline, I doubt we'd have seen CTE.

edit; That said - at least they are fixing it...

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Initiative #2: FramehistoryTime testing

This is a special update (no need for a patch). We are going to commence testing of new values for the FrameHistoryTime value.

To understand what this will change, you have to understand how networking works in BF4: In essence, the server runs the simulation, and is also the “referee” when it comes to allowed things for the clients to do.

The clients are not all dumb however – they handle basic hit detection on a bullet per bullet basis, with the server making sure they are not doing crazy/unwanted stuff (like cheating).
One of these things the server checks is the FrameHistoryTime – which applies when clients are moving in the world, and in particluar when they have a higher latency to the server.

We have three servers setup in EU, NA east and NA west: FHT Server A, B and C. These are all running different values (and thus allow less or more difference on the client versus the server).

This means that if you play on one of these servers and the value is too low – you will have a hard time hitting a target that moves (in particular someone moving perpendicular).
We want you to play on all these servers, and give us some test data:

My latency (NetworkPerfOverlay.drawGraph 1): 150ms
My Ping (scoreboard): 120ms
Estimated hits (seeing blood effect but no damage “X”): 5%
Rounds played: 2 (Dawnbreaker, Siege)

With enough data from the result of this thread, we can find out if our estimates are correct.
If they are – we will get a game where dying behind corners will be more or less negated from the high ping vs low ping perspective (low = <50ms, high >=250ms).

So, please help us test this – make sure you test all three types of servers (preferrably in the same sitting). The more results we get in the better! Also – feel free to region hop and try being the high ping player – we want results from all types of connections!

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Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #13

This is what is included in this patch:

Goal: de-clutter the HUD and give players options to customize the major components

Now drawing the squad leader/commander objective orders in the game status UI (good for hardcore!)
Moved the chainlink HUD a bit down so it doesnt overlap scoring messages
Made chainlink UI use the same “physics” effect as other UI elements on the HUD
Fixed an issue where the flashbang icons fading out feature broke the HUD visibility options for icons
Fixed a bug where remote controlled vehicles won’t show the vehicle health in the HUD
Revive HUD world icon now uses the visibility setting for the health bar/revive timer instead of the one for the main soldier icon
Minimap Scaling
Implemented scaling of commander related minimap assets.
Visibility now independent from the HUD visibility option
Added option for setting the minimap icons size and visibility independently from the background

Goal: Make soldier movement feel more immediate, direct and in control.

Third person crouch tweaks
One of the problems with “death behind cover” is crouching. As crouching is a finite state – we cannot predict if a player will crouch in the same manner we predict movement. This in combination with our client side authorative damage model means there is currently a possibility to get a pretty severe delay when crouching behind cover on someone elses side (and being able to damage it).We have tried to mitigate this by making crouch animations in third person quicker (in the beginning) – which should get rid of the worst of these issues.
These are transitions touched:
Transition Stand -> StandToCrouch_Node
Transition Run -> StandToCrouch_Node
Transition Run -> Sneak_Node
Transition StandTurn -> Sneak_Node
Transition Walk -> Sneak_Node
Transition Sprint -> Sneak_Node
Sprint accelleration tweaked to match that of general movement
You now reach top speed faster/more directly and it vibes better with the previous change (no change to top sprint speed).

Goal: Get guns to always point where you shoot. Remove randomness from shooting. Finalizing this is a prerequisite to look at gun damage and _real_ recoil tweaking.

TEST: M9 Pistol now has a single fire animation
This test is an answer to feedback we’ve gotten where the pistols “kick” and the way it randomly picks an animation was called out at something that makes it hard to hit targets (without adding depth). We’ve as a test removed all but one animation on the M9 pistol – to see what that does to shooting the gun.
TEST: New Red Dot is now smaller on request (feedback in forum!)
Pending this works out – we will look at replacing the other “red” (really pink) sights with this more red and “red-light” looking version
Tweaked size of Pistol Delta sight down a notch
Fixed visual issues for ALL weapons (find any issues? report them in forum!)
PWD, LMG, Sniper Rifles, DMR, Shotguns
Red dots on the Coyote and Reflexs RDS sights is clipping again after the downscaled red dot. Will be fixed in next update, Sorry about this!

Goal: Improve selected gamemodes to deliver the intent and playstyle envisoned for the gamemode in question

Obliteration Competitive
Bombs can now be placed in any order.
Reduced bomb disarm time from 10s -> 8s. There is a 3s warmup when defusing.
Reduced radar sweep on home bases to 40 meters on competitive.
Chain Link
Decreased the rate of ticker bleeding by 40%.
Increased round timer to 30 minutes.

Goal: With the changes to visual recoil, head flinching and netcode weapons have become deadlier and kills faster. Tune weapons to take this into consideration and find clear roles for them in doing so.

Grenade Balancing
First out is a grenade pass. We think the game currently is a bit spammy when it comes to grenades. We want to make grenades something that is powerful – but not used lightly in any situation, also we want type of grenade you pick to mean something – and give the different grenades more clear roles.

Reduced RGO capacity 2->1
Reduced RGO inner blast radius 1.65->1
Reduced v40 capacity 3->2
Reduced v40 blast radius 7->6
Reduced v40 inner blast radius 2.5->1
Increased ammo bag pickup time for grenades:
Flashbang 5s->9s
RGO 7s->25s
v40 8s->13s
Handflare 1s->6s
M18 5s->9s
M34 8s->25s
M67 5s->25s
XM25 DART 1s->3.5s (5->4 rounds)
XM25 3.5s->6s
40mm 3GL 8s->18s
40mm Smoke 2.5s->5s (matching flashbang now)
40mm LVG/HE 8s->9s

Goal: Find and clean up inconsistencies in visual collision for bullets and players. Improve on the clarity of game environments.

Fixed poor collision issue in cover assets like free standing pillar and store stack.
Affected levels: Operation Locker, Pearl Market, Flood Zone
Pearl Market
Fixed issue with collision of wall between C and D bases

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Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #17 (139563)

This is what is included in this patch:

Revive bug fix
No longer does ammunition and heath boxes block revives!
Paracel Storm optimizations
We’ve optimized paracel storm for PS3 (and every other platform). We have changed the rock formation object, which is used extensively on the map, and the broken carrier object as well – please help us test this to make sure it is working correctly!
High Frequency Update - Added the “ON” option (forces 30hz). AUTO stays default.
FrameHistoryTime testing concluded – we will be looking at our collected data, decide on a value and test this on all CTE servers soon.
UI de-cluttering
Added advanced gameplay options sliders to control the transparency of the inventory, player status, vehicle occupancy and kill log HUD elements

Weapon Animation fixes
Based on feedback from the Ask a DICE Weapons Animator! thread!
  • All pistols: removed randomization of iron sights fire animation on most pistols per CTE feedback
  • All automatic pistols: shortened duration of slide animation during firing animations to prevent slide appearing to not cycle when firing quickly
  • Automatic rifles: fixed missing trigger pull animations
  • Unica6: Fixed hammer getting stuck on iron sights fire animation. Shortened reload threshold so magazine registers as full, faster
  • CS5: Fixed magazine going invisible if reload is interrupted. Fixed problem where bolt action animation wouldn’t play when firing near the end of the tactical reload animation.
  • G36C: fixed charging handle position during full/tactical reload
  • CZ-805: fixed charging handle position during full/tactical reload
  • AWS: enabled semi-automatic fire
  • XM25: fixed fire animation; including reciprocating charging handle
  • Bulldog: fixed problem with tiered reload
  • M60E4: adjusted reload interrupt branches to match other LMGs; ammo box now stays mounted on interrupt
  • L96A1: Added missing interruptible reload branches
  • JNG90: adjusted reload threshold to prevent bypassing rechamber animation at the end of empty reload
  • SR338: Fixed bug where fire animation could be skipped by firing at a certain cadence. Raised reload threshold.
  • L85a2: Adjusted foregrip position so Angled Grip attachment doesn’t clip through the trigger guard; fixed reload animation bug that could cause accessories to shift on the weapon during animation
  • RPK-74M: reduced both reload times by .3 seconds to better match animation
  • HK45C: Removed hammer position mismatch between idle and ADS
  • ACW-R: Reduced time to register reload
  • QBU-88: fixed clipping issue in deploy animation
  • SR2: Added reciprocating bolt fire animation

Soldier Movement
  • Added functionality to be able to shoot when falling (not jumping)
    This change makes it possible to shoot when falling (past apex of jumps and falling off of objects). Significant spread to guns is applied when doing this however.
  • Implemented BF3 soldier movement and sprint accelleration values
    Also includes changes to when the soldier goes _into_ sprint – significant change from previous values on the CTE.
    We feel these values strikes a nice balance between more control, being able to get out of danger using sprint, and still staying true to the original BF4 movement.

Obliteration Competitive Improvements
  • Fix for interaction UI behaving erratically when trying to arm/defuse the bomb

Golmud Railway
  • Reduced size of combat area to help reduce players from spawn camping from behind and the side.
  • Fanned out the spawnpoints a bit so they’re not all clustered together and added a couple more spawnpoints.
  • Fixed bomb that was out of bounds.

Zavod 311
  • Removed quad bikes.
  • Ladders are disabled to limit roof access.
  • Reduced combat area slightly to reduce potential back/side spawn camping.
  • Moved traincar bomb site to the opposite side where it’s less exposed.

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bf3 movement? oh shiet. thats great. I might reinstall :o

if you see weird attachments.. the app does that. deal with it

Steam: PTG_St3v3oh
Origin: PTG_St3v3oh
Battlelog:   ^
K70 RGB MX Browns ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
[Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=19113.0;...5220;image]


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(08-06-2014, 01:10 AM)k3rMz Wrote: Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #17 (139563)

Zavod 311

Removed quad bikes.

what?!?! there should be endless amount of quad bikes...

k3rMz bring it back!

[Image: dimiav.png]

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(08-06-2014, 07:05 AM)ptg_dimiav Wrote:
(08-06-2014, 01:10 AM)k3rMz Wrote: Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #17 (139563)

Zavod 311

Removed quad bikes.

what?!?! there should be endless amount of quad bikes...

k3rMz bring it back!

You do see, it's for Obliteration Competitive, right? Right???

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(08-06-2014, 10:10 AM)Dipsie8 Wrote:
(08-06-2014, 07:05 AM)ptg_dimiav Wrote:
(08-06-2014, 01:10 AM)k3rMz Wrote: Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #17 (139563)

Zavod 311

Removed quad bikes.

what?!?! there should be endless amount of quad bikes...

k3rMz bring it back!

You do see, it's for Obliteration Competitive, right? Right???

so!??!? there should be endless amount of quad bikes in any mod and any game! just think how fun it be to use a quad bike in Super Mario Bros 3

[Image: dimiav.png]

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Initiative #3: Teamplay Patch #1 (146923)

Today we release the first patch of the Teamplay Initiative, and since we are working in the same branch as the Final Stand team, the coming CTE-updates will include their changes to the game as well.
This first update does not include any specific updates to our six items for Teamplay Initiative/Final Stand release target as of yet (we are working on those items still) – but it does include some neat updates we’d like you guys to get your hands on over the weekend!

These are the changes in this patch:

Changed behaviour of spawning Battlepickups
Will re-spawn after 60 seconds if one of these happen: Weapon runs out of ammo, weapon is dropped (when player changes weapon, dies, disconnects), and dropped weapon times out and unspawns, Deployed vehicle is destroyed.
Fix for Decoy Pack Scale issue
Thank you for reporting this!

Animation fixes:

Changed the blend behaviour when you transition into sprint (1st person)
Fixed 1st person reload issue
The reload got omitted if you pressed the reload button after an empty reload.
Potential fix for the guy sliding around in crouch
Fixed problem where a Prone to Stand anim was buffering and playing late after reloads and boltactions.
Potential Melee animation fix
Fix for when melee animations could get out of sync and play different animations for attacker and defender.

New Projectile Debug

We have added a debug overlay to track down issues with incoming and outgoing damage (netcode) and hitdetection. We have already seen some descrepancies using this tool internally – but can’t wait to see what we will be able to find with your help using this tool.

Projectile hit overlay rundown:

Blue squares indicate a spawned projectile/bullet
Green x indicates the client thinks the projectile has hit a soldier or a vehicle on a different team
Red x indicates the server confirms that damage was dealt. This currently maps to the hit indicator feedback – every time you see the red x, you should see the cross hair hit indicator.
The bullet display is staggered, so that the displayed data doesn’t overlap when using high RPM weapons. There is nothing tying the green x’s to the blue squares (i.e. co-location does not mean one is the result of the other) or tying the red x’s to the blue squares or green x’s. Vertical position on the graph means nothing either.
Enabled via in-game console or user.cfg by using: “NetworkPerfOverlay.DrawProjectileGraph 1”

Known bugs/short-comings in this version:

On target death, green x may still show up until the server has confirmed that the target is dead. Will cause green x(+)/red x(-) discrepancy.
Server discarded damage – the green x doesn’t have all the damage rules available to it (e.g. assault weapon versus tank does no server damage, but will still show green x). Will cause green x(+)/red x(-) discrepancy.
Packet loss or server degradation may cause bunching of packets. If this is the case it’s likely that there won’t be individual red x’s for all damage applied. Will cause green x(+)/red x(-) discrepancy.
All server-confirmed damage dealt causes a red x – this includes grenades, claymores, UCAV, etc. Will cause green x(-)/red x(+) discrepancy
Occasionally a phantom blue square/green x/red x will show up (usually upon exiting a vehicle). Will cause green x(?)/red x(?) discrepancy
Any data points drawn directly above each other are as a result of events happening in the same frame/sample (this in turn means that sometimes it’s possible for the data to exceed the usual height of 4)

Additional notes:

It’s now possible to relocate the network perf overlay graph via in-game console or user.cfg. Note that using values outside of the range 0 to screen dimension(x,y) will cause that axis to revert to the relevant bottom/right default.
An example:

NetworkPerfOverlay.GraphPos.x 100.0
NetworkPerfOverlay.GraphPos.y 200.0

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Initiative #3: Teamplay Patch #2 (147622)

Today we have a small update to the CTE client, the contents touch many parts of the game however – so we need help testing these pretty wide changes.

Some confusion around exactly when the first 6 items in the Teamplay Initiative will surface has been spotted. To make this clear – these items are under development. As soon as we have a testable version of any of these features, we will publish it to the CTE. The end goal is to get these features into the Final Stand release, so expect updates to hit the CTE shortly.

The Final Stand release Teamplay Initiative focus items again:

Gameplay objective scoring v1
Make playing the objective more desirable

Health & ammo pack re-balance
Change cooldowns in combat and look at points given out through these gadgets

Fix for Neutral/Friendly roadkills exploit & getting killed by own vehicle
One solution for both these issues.

Distance Spotting changes
Make spotting more precise, not automatically spotting big groups of enemies at a distance.

Footstep sound improvements
Improve on footstep sounds being more audible in the game for enemies

Random callout cleanup
Move some of the combat chatter to team only (so your soldier don’t randomly give away your position)

These are the changes in this patch:

Vehicle HUD Visibility
Changed all vehicle HUDs to render better against bright backgrounds.
Targeted at the snow maps of Final Stand – but also to improve the base game. Smaller tweaks to important gauges and details in some vehicle HUDs.

Defensive Enemy Icon Shield now optional
Now a option under Gameplay/Advanced in the ememy section, turned off by default! (most of you probably want to turn it on again!)

Projectile Debug Overlay fixes
Improved matching of client X vs server X to clarify when inconsistencies happen. We’ve gotten quite a lot of feedback where you guys didn’t apply the caveats outlined Smile.

Fix for an issue with Joystick hot-plugin support

Fixed animation issue when transitioning into Sprint

Thanks given by:
I do play on CTE almost every day. I like the new hud settings, so that you can dimm down the clutter Smile

If you can't fix it with a hammer, then you have an electrical fault!
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Initiative #3: Teamplay Patch #3 (148143)

These are the changes in this patch:

Hit indicator tweaks
The hit indicators have gotten a slight overhaul – still showing three separate types per damage type: Head, Body, Limb – but now with better graphics and quicker updates. Much closer to that of BF3, and to where we want them in the end.

Auto Spotter exploit fix
As stated – a fix for the auto spotter is in this build, let us know if this fix holds up under your relentless testing!

In the coming two weeks, the CTE team will be helping the Final Stand team during the wrap up of the expansion. This means many of the normally CTE-active developers won’t be as active on the CTE Forums, Reddit, etc. I personally will however, and if you have direct questions – shoot them to me on twitter: @tiggr_ (it’s by far the easiest way for me to answer as many questions as possible).

We will still be updating the CTE of course – with a focus on the Teamplay Initiative part of Final Stand release – but also other updates for that release in need of large scale testing.

In a couple of weeks we will re-enable Final Stand maps once again on the CTE for a limited time to stress test our servers and our maps. This means you will be able to see what we did with all your great feedback, and how much the maps have changed visually in this time! It’s quite amazing how the artists get something decent looking to look and play great!.

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Initiative #3: Teamplay Patch #4 (149062)

These are the changes in this patch:

Fix for Neutral/Friendly roadkills exploit & getting killed by own vehicle
One solution for both these issues: you no longer can kill teammates with neutral (exited) vehicles, and the vehicles won’t kill you either.
As bonus, if you kill enemies with exited vehicle – you get the credit.

Animation fixes
Attempt at fixing the firing bug happening after revive in 1P.
Added a few hooks to catch the crouch siding bug.

Hit Indicator options added (advanced gameplay options)
You can now tweak the hit indicator’s scale and transparency on an individual level! Hopefully this will make you all content! Smile

The Final Stand release Teamplay Initiative goal items again:

Gameplay objective scoring v1
Make playing the objective more desirable

Health & ammo pack re-balance
Change cooldowns in combat and look at points given out through these gadgets

Distance Spotting changes
Make spotting more precise, not automatically spotting big groups of enemies at a distance.

Footstep sound improvements
Improve on footstep sounds being more audible in the game for enemies

Random callout cleanup
Move some of the combat chatter to team only (so your soldier don’t randomly give away your position)

In about two weeks time (unless we do it earlier) – we will enable once again the Final Stand maps on the CTE. This time around we will focus on performance (and showing you what has happened to the maps of course!).

This means we will prepare for this next week by integrating ALL the changes made on the Final Stand team’s side (it’s quite a big list) – so keep your eyes peeled for that update next week!

As we are still helping the Final Stand team through the finaling process, we have lowered the number of releases per week on the CTE to one. Probably Thursdays will be the day we update!

Thanks given by:
Initiative #3: Teamplay Patch #5 (152373)

Todays update includes a full integration from the Final Stand team – which means we are getting closer to showing you guys what we have been up to during the time since you last saw the maps!
Many of the fixes include changes to the levels, vehicles and weapon pickups which you won’t be able to play just yet – but later this week!

Showing off maps this early has been a great success in terms of how much good and constructive feedback we have gotten from the players playing them. Everything from gameplay issues to texture bugs was found and reported by you guys.

Once again – thank you for helping us make this the best release yet!

In this release we have added new Soldier Physics for collision with the world and objects. The reason for this is obviously to fix the “snags” issue.
Since this is quite a big change, we really need your help testing that this does not change the game in unintended ways.
Risks to look for:

Collision with objects
Since this changes the very core of object collision, we need to gather lots of data from all levels on how well this performs. Anything that feels wrong or looks weird in connection to stepping past objects and colliding with walls etc is of importance.

Slope collision
If a slope was previously too steep to climb – is it still? Does a previously traversable slope still allow you to do so?
I’ve created a new forum for feedback on this particular change, as it needs special attention. Please report any findings there!
Open Soldier Collision Forum

These are the changes in this patch:

Added back testrange map to CTE

Med bag changes (the big ones)
No longer heals players in radius when supressed. No longer works when diving/underwater

Ready system fixes
No longer allows spawning into vehicles prior to the lockdown timer reaches zero.
Also disallows selecting vehicle until READY has been declared.

Improved “Red parts” in sights
Cleaned up, resized (some) and made work much better against bright backgrounds (in particular snow).

Fixed issue where FLIR/IRNV sometimes would render 3x brightness

Improved FLIR//IRNV rendering and HUD
More clearly displays heat signatures, and works against Final Stand snow

“Red dot” sights rendering improvements
Much like the vehicle hud rendering fixes we now have a new improved renderer for the glowing red part of sights

Vehicle hitmarkers now triggers correctly
Now correctly shows the hit indicator when hitting players in limbs and head

Hover tank controls rewamped
New, revised and improved hover tank controls

Added key bind support to the Hover tank
Now properly support rebinding of the controls

Pod launcher model updated

Snow mobile & Pod launcher screen effect fixed
No longer enables for all players on the server when in use

Snow mobile track effect fixed
Now only shows puffs of snow when driving on snowy surfaces

Fixed an issue where the MKV wouldn’t fly

Railgun now correctly damages vehicles

Fixed a Railgun HUD issue when entering vehicle
Would show railgun HUD ontop of vehicle HUD.

Fixed achievement HUD issue
Would loop achievement over and over when unlocked

All Final Stand maps

Improved on Russian grammar for signage

Fixed occlusion, clipping, texture, destruction, believability, small scale destruction, levolution and gameplay issues
Look below for more details on what some of these terms mean and look like!

Operation Whiteout

Bullet collision on russian letters above point A & B improved
Now works as you’d expect them to

Fixed un-vaultable fence at flag A
Facing the firing range

Fixed lighting issue on orange tents
No longer render in a too black color palette

Hangar 21

Hangar doors
Now properly kills players when closing.
East side foot traffic entrance now works the same way as the west one
Climbing up the hangar doors is no longer possible
Activation screen now correctly references hangar doors (for opening and closing)

Titan object collision and improvements
Fixed several collision, occlusion and clipping issues

Fixed prone issue near Flag C
Players can no longer get underneath rock formation

Giants of Karelia

Spectator camera bounds fixed
No longer allows camera to see through terrain

Stationary Kornet launcher floating
(Scrub Cannon) is no longer floating near objective B

Destroyed road no longer hides players in holes
Now correctly switches road textures

Levolution: Roof collapse collision
Roof collapse soldier and bullet collision improved and cleaned up

Sub Base

Blast door button now functions as intended
Was placed inside wall

Rock collision for bullets improved
Most rocks used on top of sub base mountain now has better bullet collision

Fixed icicles lighting issue
No more green icicles!

As game developers we use a lot of specific words and terms when we describe something in the game – we’d like to share some of these with you so you know what we are talking about when we refer to some term you never heard of before!

LOD (Level Of Detail)
A LOD is a version of an object that is tied to a specific detail level. Either based on distance or graphics setting used. An example would be a regular rock model. The rock could have an Ultra, High, Medium and Low version, which one gets used is determined by settings/platform and distance to the object itself. The reason we use LOD’s is to get better performance.
A common issue with LODing is “popping” (objects like trees popping when swapping models)

Collision / Soldier Movement
Soldier movement and collision with world objects refers to things like invisible walls, getting stuck on small objects on the ground, etc.

Object Clipping
When the player in first person “clips” an object he can normally see “through” it, from the inside out.
When a player in third person is “clipped” he has part of his body inside or partly inside an object like a wall or rock.

Think of occluders as mini black holes. These objects are placed on the levels to help rendering performance. They help speed up the process of “culling” which refers to the rendering process where the engine removes objects that are out of view.
Common issues with Occlusion and Occluders includes stepping out of a doorway/portal and seeing through the world, objects randomly disappearing when looking in certain directions from specific positions in the map.

Texture errors
If any surface in the game world looks broken or has a really odd color, it’s normally a texture error (this group of errors really consist of a plethora of different types, but let’s simplify a bit here).
An example of this would be seeing a pink development texture on the ground or an object, black spot on the terrain when surroundings are green, etc.

Z-fighting is a term often used to describe flickering distant objects or textures that are overlapping, commonly you see this effect when aiming down the sights at a distance.

Believability issues
If something looks out of place or like it doesn’t fit, it usually is not intended.
An example would be something like wood grains in a piece of wood aligned in the wrong direction, Lamp posts placed in the middle of the pavement, etc.

Small scale Destruction
Do you see floating bits of a destructible wall or floating lights from the ceiling that’s no longer present? Chances are you have found a small scale destruction issue.

Levolution / Large scale destruction
Since levolution is such a large part of a level featuring it, we categorize these issues specifically.
Examples would be that traversing the terrain or ground where levolution events impact the game inconsistent and weirdly, that the event itself looks bad, or that your bullets can pass through the edges of a broken piece of bridge, etc.

Gameplay issues / Pathing
If anything affects the way the game mode and core mechanics – they are gameplay issues.
Common gameplay issues would be stuff like tables blocking doors making you unable to enter, buttons that can’t be pressed, objectives that cannot be captured, bad spawns, etc

Thanks given by:
Final Stand BETA, Patch #1 (152775)

Final Stand is now in Beta, and we are testing the beta build here on the CTE!
Your feedback from the Pre-release has really helped shape this pack, and we will be highlighting some specific cases for you in this update!

As Stated, we are officially in Beta status for Final Stand – this means we are in the final stage of development, and looking for critical/game breaking bugs.

We are also going to utilize this second pass playing the Final Stand maps to stress test both server and client performance. There are several phases to this testing, which will be explained as we go.
Stress testing of the server (and client) is not a PC only thing, this step really helps us trim the servers for all console platforms as well!

Final Stand maps will be made available on our servers from today until Sunday, with an optional extension Monday-Tuesday next week.


This is the first time we have tried pre-releasing content on the CTE, and we feel it has been immensely helpful. It’s definitely something we will continue doing in the future.
These are the areas where your specific feedback was extra helpful:

The sheer amount of testing hours and community issues found
The amount of testing hours through the CTE and community combined with constructive feedback and issues reported – gave our QA team a huge pile of really good data. In many cases issues were reaffirmed (we knew about them), but you guys also found lots of things that haven’t been bugged before!

Gameplay feedback
We got loads of feedback on how the maps played, how you could exploit particular things to get ahead, etc. This helped us decide on what kind of changes to make and what to focus on first.

Gadgets, Vehicles and Battlepickups
In the detailed per-item feedback for all the new toys in Final Stand found several large issues that would have been very hard to cover the breadth of without CTE testing. For instance the exploit with the auto-spotter and vehicles was found, reported and fixed due to this!

The Final Stand team wants to give you all a BIG THANK YOU!

Since last update (yesterday) we have fixed a whopping total of ~500 bugs!
These are the notable changes in this patch:

Fixed issue with handlebars not changing position correctly
Fix for animation issue upon entering vehicle from prone position
Second seat positions now placed correctly

Stability improvements
Fix for a common EOR crash

Customizable weapons menu
Fixed issue where primary and secondary weapons looked overbright in menu

Controller fixes
Fixes several issues with alternate stick layouts and button layouts

Interior Minimap
Now correctly switches to indoor minimap upon entering base portions of all maps

Updated Frontend background
Final stand Operation Whiteout vista now replacing the Dragon’s Teeth alley

XD-1 Accipiter
Now properly sounds as scary as it is
Made “floaty”, harder to control
More feedback when taking hits or low on battery (screen fuzz, beeping, oscillation)
Improved 3p camera

HT-95 Levkov (Hover Tank)
Elevation meter in HUD now properly functions
Soflams & AA-mine now properly explodes by driving over them
Updated sounds (specifically at a distance)
Improved recoil animation
Improved Controls & Camera position

Rorsch (Railgun)
Reload sounds now correctly plays in both 1P and 3P
Shell casings eject timing improved
Fire sound now louder vs other weapons
Fixed issue with railgun HUD after exiting vehicles
Improved HUD delay to better match actual timing
Added tooltip for railgun usage (first pickup)
Will no longer 1 shot air vehicles
Improved projectile speed for more accurate shots over extreme distances
Improved visibility of projectile and impacts
Explosion no longer damages vehicles, must be a direct hit
Reduced radius of one hit kills on soldiers while increasing the radius of non-lethal damage

Schipunov 42 (Stationary “Scrub Cannon”)
Fix for killcard issue when exiting quickly

DS-3 Decoy
Now has a short delay before activating giving you time to move away from it
Can now be thrown 50% farther
Audio improved

Quad bike
Reverse torque now lowered a tad

All Final Stand maps

Fixed occlusion, clipping, texture, destruction, believability, small scale destruction, levolution and gameplay issues
Several issues & improvements in all four maps (too numerous to detail here)

Final loading screens
Loading screens updated

General performance improvements
Improvements to effects, rock formation, memory usage etc

Final mixing for all four maps

All base game game modes + CTF implemented

Operation Whiteout

Domination flag
Fixed issue where C flag was floating

Tire tracks improvements
Now looks and behaves better

Now sounds like walking on snow

Hangar 21

Pod Launchers
Final art in the game
Launch sequence: No longer visible if another user activates pod at the same time/slightly after
Correctly detonates M2 Slam mines
Now kills enemies on impact
Pods explode on impact with the ground, soldier is ejected
Hud added with countdown to launch (like railgun)
Pods now auto fire after a set time to prevent people from hiding inside one
Pod 3p camera sensitivity improved for controllers

Elevator exploit
Fixed issue where players get stuck in wall able to shoot opponents

Cloud visibility
Clouds darkened in relation to moon

Smoke grenades
Fixed issue with collision in water in south part of the map

Hangar doors
Now properly destroys vehicles too

Giants of Karelia

Raining indoors
It no longer rains inside the walker base

Objective C: Attack helicopter
No longer spawns inside helipad exploding


Snowing indoors
It no longer snows indoors in the sub base

Fixed impregnable glass portions
Now correctly lets bullets pass through glass/break glass at objective B

Breakable ice
Breakable ice now functions as intended in sub base

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Final Stand BETA, Server Performance Update #1

Today we will be preparing for the second pass at performance testing for Final Stand. This first 5+ days run has given us a lot of good telemetry information and baseline test data.

We will now prepare to update the server and client with some really good looking performance improvements, new netcode and fixes to soldier collision (which we need significant testing on to feel comfortable releasing as part of Final Stand).
This update is planned to happen tomorrow, but might get pushed pending how well the build behaves.

In the interrim we will be shutting down a bulk of our servers, to focus play on the specific test servers where we collect the data.

We will also run another game mode on the servers today (CTF) to mix things up a bit.

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Final Stand BETA, Patch #2 (153439)

Today we are patching the server & client to include some very promising server performance and netcode improvements we want to get lots of testing on to make sure it works and improves the game as internal testing suggests!

We once again thank our sister team working on Hardline for making a bulk of these changes!

These are the changes in this patch:

Server Performance & Netcode Improvements

Optimized High Frequency Update to only include players from enemy team

Bumped total bandwidth cap slightly

Fixed an issue with the bangermanager
Explosive networked things/destructibe trees filtering improved

Increased High Frequency Update distance in front of vehicle compared to behind

Added a High Frequency Cone
For Aiming down the sight (should help longer range engagements)

Optimized used bandwidth for soldiers, bangers, vegetation and vehicles in general

Added tickrate-falloff to the HFU Cone
Should result in a smoother transition between min/max tickrate at the edges

Improved on how the engine extrapolates the soldier’s positions
When networking fails you get things like “Rubber banding” happening, this makes improvements here.

Improved ghost (networked items) packet handling and efficiency
Which should result in lower latency over all

Various ghost (networked items) priority and filtering improvements

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Final Stand BETA, HUD-Glitch mini patch (153583)

Yesterday we identified and fixed an issue which affected all types of HUD’s. We now have a very small client only update to see confirm our fix makes this issue go away.

For more information about the issue and how it looks when you get it:

These are the changes in this patch:

Fixed TDD, FLIR, IRNV zoom events to only show when zoomed in, and on local player or spectators only.

This eliminates any HUD data or textures from showing on other players using vehicles, as well scoped weapons.


I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about some known issues, and our plan for them. There are a multitude of smaller issues being reported, and several if not all of these are already fixed. We are not planning on updating the Final Stand content side of things however, as we are trying to gauge performance improvements, and doing something like that would taint the test case.
Some more glaring issues I’d like to address here so you guys know the plan for them:

Bodies & Wrecks stick around forever

This is related to the netcode update from yesterday – and something we are working on a fix for. We’ll have to live with this in the meanwhile.

Soldier Collision issues

Falling through the terrain, and through certain objects happening.
This issue is (sadly) caused by the Soldier Collision update (the smoothness overload from running over previously snagging thing) – which means this will probably not make initial Final Stand release. We have a potential fix for this in the pipe – but it will need some more testing on ALL levels of the game by you guys (next week is the current plan).

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