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CTE Staging Update – Server Performance Testing (159747)

First – I’d like to thank you all for participating in the client testing of the new hit-registration & netcode!

We are now looking at that data – and while we are crunching the numbers, we’d like to take the opportunity to start the next series of tests, namely: Server performance testing.

To test server performance reliably – we need to mimic what is out in the wild/retail game. The normal retail server setup consists of one physical server that runs 4 instances of Battlefield server instances. The worst case scenario is then 4*64 player Conquest servers that are full of players. We will mimic this – sorta.

The plan we’ve concocted is to strangle the amount of active servers to maintain as full servers as possible – meaning there will be only four server instances available for this testing on the CTE.
These servers (this single physical server) will be situated in Holland/EU, as that’s the region we have the most CTE players in (sorry all other regions – we still want you playing though!)

The server setup will be something like this:

1x EU 64 player Conquest server
1x EU 40 player Gunmaster server
1x EU 48 player TDM/Domination server
1x EU 48 player Rush/Obliteration server
This means the total number of slots will be 200 (compared to the worst case 256 slots doing all conquest 64)
We do this 200 slot approach to make sure you guys feel there is a fun server to play on even though you are playing from another region and you might not love Conquest large.
Expect the new strangled server setup to happen at approx 1PM Pacific time today.

Tomorrow (Friday) we will patch the CTE with quite a big patch (especially from a weapons balance point of view), where we will detail and talk about all the changes (as requested).
We will still keep the “strangled” server setup over the weekend – as we need to “soak” the server (soaking means running for a long time to see if there is any memory leaks etc)

Next week we are then planning another Staging release on Tuesday (which probably means we un-strangle servers).
In the same week on Thursday we will (if all goes well) go back to Prototypes – and the first playable scaletest of the Community Map Project!

I hope you can all bear with us in this testing – it really makes the end release so much more stable and gives us a TON of PC specific crash-dumps and details (we are fixing a lot of PC crashes!).

This being said – if you are experiencing crashes on the CTE, keep playing! It gives us more data each time you crash, and it also tells us which crashes happen the most. Chances of your particular issue being looked at is larger the more data we get (we prioritize on frequency!).

Thanks given by:
If any ones interested or following the Community Map Project, there is a scale test currently going on that allows you to look at the very start of the map process

more info here :-

for those of you who don't play CTE here is a few screens of the map so far ( remember this is only a scale test )

[Image: x9RPfBH.jpg]

[Image: ePOeOln.jpg]

[Image: x1rNBPF.jpg]

[Image: d2Wk7iw.jpg]

[Image: oBDYMJI.jpg]

[Image: SjCHT5H.jpg]

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CTE Staging – Spring Patch #8 (161804)

Today we are starting our three day final server performance testing for the Spring Patch! This means we will play Conquest Large 64 on an European server.

We know this isn’t optimal for most (and you miss the CMP, nightmaps and new netcode) – but we really need your help filling these servers out!

The goal is to get acknowledgement that our Spring Patch server is performing well enough for us to release it.

The more players we get playing during Tuesday – Thursday, the quicker we can get back to fixing issues caused by 60-120hz tickrate, new CMP map updates etc!

If all goes to plan (it should), we will be releasing a new prototype build with an updated CMP map Friday. We will also start focus test the new tickrate/netcode performance on the server side. More info to follow.

To get you guys a little more inclined to come and play during this period – we have a DICE LA playtest planned for 11am PDT / 18:00 GMT on Thursday. We will be playing for two hours, you can ask questions, knife us for dog tags – and a lucky few (randomly selected) will win t-shirts and mousepads for taking part!

More info here:

These are the changes made on the prototypes branch in this release:

Community map, Night maps and new tickrate/netcode are disabled in this build.
All content you see will be released in the Spring patch
All previous bug fixes etc related to this content is in this build

Several PC crash fixes
From the top occurrence list.

Thanks given by:
CTE Prototypes – Patch #48: Community Map Theme Blockout v2 (162173)

In todays update we have a big update to the Community Map Project, some bugfixes to the high tickrate netcode and some nightmap updates!

These are the changes made on the prototypes branch in this release:

Night map updates
Rebaked lighting for Zavod and Railway
Reworked and reimported minimaps with less blue
Fixed flare bug on tall industrial lights
Limited gameplay to CQ and TDM only
Added state to LensFlareMesh_02 for destruction

Community Map Project – Theme Blockout v2
Added VO Logic and Audio Layer to CMP
Updated set dressing and added destruction to ghost town building
Updated set dressing for temple area
Updating Medical facility POI
Updated the minimap
Terrain materials now added and a shaping pass across the map – river now is wide enough for RHIB’s on the Temple side.
Vegetation adjustment
Adjusting scattermesh (tiny random objects like stones etc) and deleting duplicated water

High Frequency server Updates
Fixed the sudden player death bug, getting thrown into walls etc when walking up small curbs / over other objects
For more information what these high frequency tickrates really are, see Battle(non)senses video:

Misc Updates
Suppression polish pass on the effect. Is now much less intrusive – but still very readable.

Thanks given by:
Summer Patch Final Testing Release #1 (164194)

Today we start our final testing runs on the latest Summer patch build. We are getting close to locking this puppy up – and we need your help to sanity check the content of the patch – and help us get new high tickrate server performance data as well!

During the coming week or two we will be running the CTE (both PC and Xbox one) on the latest Summer Patch code and content. This means we will be running less total number of servers as we really need to get new performance data on full servers (4 server instances @ 64 players make up one physical server).

We hope players from all regions can attend and play as much as possible, even though the experience might not be the best – a full server is a full server regardless of what pings the players have!

These are the changes included in this release:

Gameplay Updates

Vehicle turrets: Turrets are now not as limited on PC using a mouse as in previous releases
TV missiles: Reverting UCAV based physics and increasing dampening to make turning more accurate. Decreased collision volume size to prevent bouncing off collision.
Created custom MIPs for the FilmGrain texture to improve the flashbang blinding effects on Gen3. Improves appearance of filmgrain effects globally on Gen3 as well.
Fix for blue flashes when player fires anti-tank weapon (especially LAW,, SMAW, Javelin…not so much RPG) at a bright white source, e.g. the sun. Sparks and muzzle flash color channels were really overcranked.
Fixed issue where the player was able to combine gadgets between classes if there is an open slot when changing classes via the Commander Crate.
Flashbangs: New effect using a hack to film grain. More consistent in all lighting conditions, Adjusted curves to new effect
Gun master (new night preset): the round will now end properly with the knife kill.
Fix for an issue where players got stuck after leaving a vehicle post firing a TV-missile (also used to get stuck mid air from attach choppers)

Zavod Graveyard Shift Updates

Turning off transparency fade on BG forest fire.
Added images for the quickmatch menus on all console platforms.
Visual FX cleanup pass for night vision.
Big sound pass – now sounds awesome!
Updated sky texture and added some ambient fog patches to break up shapes.

High tickrate changes

Vehicle turrets: Fix for turret jittering @ 30fps @ 120 tickrates, Raising the angular momentum threshold precedurally from the angular momentum multiplier (smoother)
Updated server stall detection


For feedback, use the official reddit post:
Open Official Reddit Summer Patch feedback thread

As we are nearing our final build – this is the time to make sure your issues are heard and seen by us! We are on a mission to make the summer patch the best received patch in BF4 so far – and we need your help to make sure it gets there! Report any outstanding issues or problems you find in this thread – we can’t promise we’ll get to all of course, but if there is any glaring large issues we will prioritize accordingly

To report a bug, open the subreddit push the “Report CTE Feedback/Bug” within:

Thanks given by:
Community Map BETA release [Staging] (167408 )

Today we are are officially in BETA! This means we are going to the staging branch – which also means all the changes you see from now on are the changes we will ship in the Fall patch!



For more information about the state of the Community Map and the feedback we are looking for, check out the current Reddit post with more information here:

Open Community Map News Post



These are the changes included in this release:
  • Community Map Updates

    Optimizations and bug fixes
    Update to temple foundation
    Tweaking scattermeshes (grass etc)
    Adding temporary minimaps to game mode specific minimaps.
    Adding trees to temple for design sightblocking
    Fixed missing details on van
    There is a city reflection on the vans at point A
    Removing Duplicate textures for performance
    Replacing rock with updated version with improved raycast
    Updates to Rush and bug fixes.
    Adding trees to temple for design sightblocking
    Optimizations for textures and temple area
    Removing Duplicate textures for performance
    Replacing rock with updated version with improved raycast collision
    Updates to Rush and bug fixes.
    Reintroducing Venom_CMP to CQL with appropriate customization (surf!)
    Added Sound Areas for Docks and Under Docks
    Added SPCs and Wave Assets for Dock Area sounds
    Built in fixes for having too many sound areas active at once
    Adjusted other sound area shapes
    Different material needed on concrete
    Added dirt texture on the surface of asset, added footsteps in the map
    High quality bake after adding proper layers and the hospital fix
    Moved light in hospital a bit to make more sense
    Baked and from both Gens

  • Gameplay Updates

    Fix for attack helicopter LGMs: autoreplenish back to 15, magazine count back to 2
    Dumbfire rockets can be used in vehicles again (smaw, rpg, at4)
    Active radar tweaks: reduced timetoactivateguidingsystem from 1 to 0.5. Reduced acceptanceangle from 2 to 1.8, making it harder to lock onto targets
    Reverted speed inheritance changes.
    Reduced damage of STAFF vs aircraft
    Increased damage of tank HE shell from 180 to 200
    Reverted outside of vehicle repair speed for aircraft to bf4 release values
    Reduced inside vehicle repair rate for scout and transport helicopters
    Reduced damage of MAA against jets, jets against MAA, ifv shells vs tanks
    Scout 25 mm can now destroy environment properly
    Below radar: locking indicator no longer disappears when target goes below radar
    Thermal camo: fixes to issues called out by CTE (distance fading fixed)
    Changed the physics material of ammo and med crates to a pass through material, grenades now properly pass through (won’t explode in your face but look like you threw it further on the client)
    Paracel Storm: Fix to make flag-spawning little bird function in surrounding combat area.

  • High tickrate/Netcode Updates

    Changed the default FrameHistoryTimeSoldiers to 0.125 from 0.3 (1.0 default for vehicles and infantry missiles like RPGs still)

  • Summer Patch coherence

    This release also includes a full integration of the Summer Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the Jets should be back to 313 “normal” setup again etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!

Thanks given by:
Community Map Final release [Staging] (171625)

Today we are publishing our final (hopefully) build of the Fall Patch on the staging environment on the CTE.

If all goes well, this will be the build that gets released in the wild as the Fall Patch 2015.

Next week the plan is to start working on the next release – the Holiday patch, and the Dragon Valley map! We have already begun this work, and are excited to see your feedback on the “new” Death Match area that’s been implemented.

As this is our (first) final build, we are only looking for eventual critical issues – as these are the only ones we will address at this stage if we find them. Specifically we are looking for potential PC show-stoppers. If you find anything like this, please report it here:

These are the changes included in this release:
  •    Community Map Updates
   Adding second UV channel and Lod to Temple Foundation Center
   MP_CMP_TempleFoundation_OutsideBasePieces_LargeEdge updated 2nd UV’s and LODs
   Audio: Sound Area boundary & Locator adjustments, Amplitude adjustments, BigWorlds Integrated:Roads, Docks, ForestTunnel, GhostTown, Logging, Medical, Plantation, River, Temple. Interior Amps adjusted. Fixed BigWorld SPatch Scope. Fixed attack helicopter gunner looping sound bug
   TempleFoundation material pass
   Updates to temple area – fix for raycast – adjusting stairs
   Fixed schematic for banana trees and forest trees
   Fixed floating object in medical center
   Fixed Bug for having Underwater SFX while not in water
   Temple: 2nd UV channel added, LODs added, new material added
   Adjustments to waterfadll cave and vegetation
   Added second UV channel, added LODs, added material
   Replacing Bulkcontainers with CMP versions; adding closed sign
   Temple Stairs 01 and 02.
   Temple: Added LODs, added materials, added moss mask!
   Temple: outside pieces temple area updated
   Memory optimizations for CMP: Set tree scatter mesh and grass terrain textures to streaming. Reduced resolution of Rush minimap from 4k to 2k. Skipped a mip on the sky pano on Gen3. Tuned texture/mesh pools for Xenon and PS3
   Adjusted Sound area and AreaTriggers for Banyan Tree Prefab, Prefab unhooked atm
   Added VineSway Big World and VineBrush SFX
   Adjusting terrain LODs
   Audio: Added a Sky. Bumped River Komodo Amp
   Replacing tree chinese banyan and adding audio volumes for audio dept
   Adjusted boardwalk so player can access better
   Audio: Fixed Sky Spam, Additional Big World Macaques for Medical
   Adjusting banana trees
   Fixed Bug for no ladder movement sounds for 3P soldiers
   Audio: Adjusted Waterfall amp, Adjusted Amps and F/O for Waterfall Area
   Updated Minimap
   Fixed destruction of logs in logging camp  by adding schematic
   Adjusting Collision for Mobility on the stilt house
   Temple Foundation outside slope masked and enlighten mesh.
   Fixes for waterfall cave collision and occluders
   Temple: Added moss!
   Temple: added slope mask
   Fixing Enlighten on Shrine
   Minor updates to EOR cameras and CQL/CQS vehicle layouts.
   Audio: Adjusted Waterfall Distance Amp, Added Monkey Business Big World, Adjusted Amps and F/O for Waterfall Area, Sound Patch adjustments, iterated Plantation
   Fix for temple collision and road splines – fixing dry ground
   Fixed rock collision (added new asset to replace old broken one). Added new lod1 to temple pieces.
   Tightened up CQL and Rush combat areas around the logging camp to prevent players from going up as high into the cliffside.
   Tweaked collision on rocks. Added couple more palm pods.
   Adding thumbnails and pictures to Quickmatch and Frontend elements for XP6_CMP
   Adding enligtens – fixing palm oil truck – general road cleanupadding enligtens – fixing palm oil truck – general road cleanup
   Adding enligtens – fixing palm oil truck – general road cleanup
   Tighted up collision of boulder.
   Adjusted collision on broken gas tanks
   Added Community Map Loading Screens – these are temp until we can update with the winners from the competition (holiday patch)
   Adding OOB volumes to the cliffs above the logging camp.
   Fix one node of a boundary in obliteration.
   Added enlighten to TempleBorderGatePillar, cloud shads, lighting touch ups. Enlighten terrain albedo, rebake, colorgrading.
   Polish pass on all TempleFoundation pieces. All shaders are the same values and RGB maps are in. Temple arches have been moved to not overlap with tunnels and dripping water FX added.
   General gen4 optmizations and bugfixing
   Fix for bad collision on stairs when in prone position. TempleFoundation main file.
   Added a 2nd UV channel on Dragon Bridge for moss polish
   Fixed loading screens for GunMaster
   gen4 performance pass – road smoothing
   Temple Tower Enlighten fix
   Fix hole in geo of TempleTower.
   Added moss to 2nd channel.
   Fixed issue where lav gets stuck
   Improved tree collision
   Fixed flag clipping
   Fixed wooden fence destruction FX
   Fixed issue where there was clipping through terrain
   Fixed the visuals around the game world ending, no longer ends suddenly
   Replaced landing lights, added new object with materials, added enlighten proxy plane to cinderblock houses to block sky light, new colorgrading, rebake.
   Final lighting bake.
  •    Gameplay Updates
   Vehicles bug fix – Crosshair in all vehicles is unaligned with the projectile trajectory after being hit (
   Console: Changing sorting for elements in the quickmatch menu (newest on top), Widen QuickMatch game mode list to fit text.
   Updates to adaptive camo colors to mirror XP1_004.
   Added Squad Obliteration so it uses the 10s killcam.  Discourages insta-deploy button when dying post-revive.
  •    Misc Updates
   Fixed number #3 crash for PC (live issue)
   PS4: The rich presence information displayed do not match the actual player’s activity in Russian language – this is now fixed
   Summer Patch coherence
   This release also includes a full integration of the Summer Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the Jets should be back to 313 “normal” setup again etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!

Thanks given by:

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