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Sup. For those who are complete geeks you may be interested to see a few of the new Z97 boards that are due to be released/are available. The RoG Gene board has to have a seperate break-out PCB for the audio because there's not enough room on the standard PCB to fit it on.

Seen some reviews of the lower-end ASUS Z97 boards (the ~£120 range) and with a 4770k TTL managed 5GHz on the CPU WITH 3GHz on the RAM at the same time. For those who don't have a clue: that's pretty fucking amazing.

I like the way ASUS are going with their aesthetics of their boards, it's very Gigabyte/MSI-gaming type for the power-phase heatsinks.

Maximus VII GENE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjLZ_goik28

5GHz CPU/3GHz RAM combo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5uLU5lp6S8


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u cant turn your geek mode off. youre always in geek mode

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forget the gene go for the Z97- Maximus VII Hero for an few ££ more
getting 5 gig oc with 3ghz on ram is very good Providing that you got that red hot cherry of a chip and very good water cooling.but i be holding off untill next yr motherboards

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