players caught mortaring from the uncap
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Hey guys,

Had these guys using the mortar from the uncap on PTG 1 yesterday at around 10.30 pm
They were all warned, asked nicely, killed, and warned again and again.
They completely ignored me, my requests, warnings of being banned and so forth, so if you would be so kind as to ban these players it would be appreciated, as i feel like im not being respected as an admin on the server when i try to impose the rules.

Thanks BudGie

[Image: OfZQs7V.png] IBlastex

[Image: PUZ7vYH.png] MagicA12364

[Image: 095rOB4.png] MiasmaElloyo

[Image: DPsz1L9.png] cenova07

[Image: x9flXm1.png] pilotesupe

[Image: KVq85vD.png] CrushWar

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Hi mate, mortaring will be banned from this Sunday onwards. Any use will result in a round ban. Perma ban will be too harsh and as soon as they realise they will be autokicked for the round they will stop using it almost immediately Smile

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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roll on sunday Big Grin

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Yup, can't wait as its a real PITA on #1 atm Sad

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no mortar on Server 1, I like servers to be all or nothing not hybrids personally,, time to find a new op lock home Sad

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In the nicest possible way, that sucks that no action will be taken, regardless of the mortar being banned completely, which to be honest i dont think is right either.
I spent nearly a whole round warning these guys, and then collecting the evidence to post here, i then spent another 40 mins sorting them out and uploading to imgur, and then writing this post linking them all.
As an admin for the server, i told these guys that if they didnt stop they would be banned from the server, as par the rules you have in place, so now given the fact that they were completely ignoring me as an admin at the time this was happening on the server, and now the fact no further action will be taken, how does that make me look on the server to the players as an admin, like i am full of BS and that actually, i carry no weight with the authority my admin status on the server carries.
They dont listen to me when i tell them about the rules as it is, so if i then report to you guys here, the higher admins with the ability to impose the kicks and bans, i kinda hoped you would reinforce what i had said would happen, where as now i feel i have been made to look like an incompetent admin with no authority to impose rules on the server, or have the ability to punish those that do break the rules.

As for the no mortor rule, i think thats a bad idea, i know a lot of players moan about it, and that people dont like imposing the rules of no mortar in the uncap, which i think should just be let go anyway and let them have mortars in the uncap, sometimes the only way they can get out.
But the mortar is a necessary evil, we need it to help push outside when it comes to a stale mate.
I have had several games where it has been a constant back and forth outside C to get to D or to B with out the use of the mortar, with the camping, there will be no way to now push past c for either side, and it will then become a case of, whoever reaches C first now will win the game.
As most of the PTG members dont play on this server i ask nicely, that you take what i have said into account.
Thanks, BudGie

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the new mortar rules is being trialed budgie.

as i play on server one i can see your point but also the other side were you cannot move due the the mortars raining down. its a 6 of 1 and half dozen of the other.

this was discussed alot during the meetings we have and its a hard one. we spent so much time enforcing the rule to not mortar from the uncap that allowing it would pretty much just stale m8 the rounds.

team work and a good push can change the game a lot.

most people are not baned out right for breaking the mortar rule unless they continue to abuse it , which come tomorrow wont be possible as the 1st kill will kick them from the server.

i will be monitoring this in game whilst i play so will be able to feed back to the next meeting how well its being taken in game. however feedback from others will help us decided weather it should be left in place along with other things like weather it effects the server as a whole etc.

there's more to playing in lockers than just mortarding all the match and hopeful this trial will prove it, on a side note stale m8 at c is easy to combat Wink

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