Extreme harassment
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(06-07-2014, 02:20 PM)SJTG1993 Wrote: I think you all need to grow up a bit

Good shout.

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In between growing up, I think any further bone discussions on the semantics of adminning should be in a private forum, not in public.

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"Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows on tits" - PornHub
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Whether V1chen spouts off shit in chat is irrelevant in my eyes. We've been down this road before and the same answer keeps coming up, players should be a bit more thick skinned when it comes to chat rage. As soon as the player in the video started to physically impede V1chen from playing, it becomes an issue. Settol is right in that a kick should be issued and if the same player did it again, a round ban, and if that still hasn't got the message across, a full ban.

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Thank you Chief for your opinion.
I hope I did not prepare too much trouble for the weekends.

I will conduct myself in a little quiet chat now.

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