Locker - No Explosive - What happened?!
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Why has the server been dead for so long? What's happening?!

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the server is up and there are players on it. is it back for you?

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I'm sure it's been empty for days now - according to my BL ?

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the server is up ty re logging in to bl

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the no exp locker is now a no exp metro. thats why its dead and the locker server has 15 in the queue.
if anyone wants to play metro, they will play BF3 imo.

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It died long before it was changed and has nothing to do with it being Metro. Look at the date of the original post, we have tried it as both Locker and Metro as well as a DLC server, and it takes forever to fill up. Server 2 fills up for a couple of days and then is empty for ages again.

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