mumble error on reinstall?
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Loaded Mumble on lappy, put in the server settings as per the sticky, but I can't connect, just get the following message:

Server connection rejected: Wrong certificate or password.

I know no password is required so what the hell is it on about please?

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ive removed your current user on mumble try again sniper

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(07-09-2014, 10:23 PM)k3rMz Wrote: ive removed your current user on mumble try again sniper

Cheers I'll try in the morning and let you know bud

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you need to copy the certificate file you get when u 1st join the server over to your laptop and vice versa

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that gone bud due to a crash, but the reset by Kermz has worked, ta bud.......

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thats kool glad you got sorted,

if you have the chance you should always copy the certificate mumble creates and put it some were save, you can then re-import it if you install mumble after a crash / update.

The certificate is basically your registration ( name ) on mumble which is why you'll recieve errors if you try logging in.

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Had a HDD fail and did a reformat now get same error ;(

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Ive Remove The Name Velkro from the registered user list you should now be able to log in using the exact same name

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