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Hi all.

Some of you might know me already from PTG#1.Wink Well, my first post here is a report, sadly.

Player: tokyoelgra365

He played yesterday and i was spectating. Most guys in the enemy team called him Hacker and what not, so i looked at him.


Its def not cheating but serious glitching/bugusing. Saw him again today and was wondering that he wasn't banned. Dunno if you guys already talked to him.

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You sure it's just not using a ricochetting mechanism? like, the bullet hits that metal and ricochets off to the hostiles?

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He's bipod glitching, given a 48 hour ban as he's not currently online.

[Image: 76561198042289061.png]

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Did this guy actually have a ban imposed on him as he was on the Server this afternoon ??

Just asking

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