constant disobey the rules Server 3.
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Heya guys, i'm not able to round ban anymore and this happened today..
2 players kept speaking Russian.. i warned them.. killed them.. then kicked em for it.. after the kick they returned up to 4 times after kicking them.. They could speak English a little bit as they showed in chat but still continued using Russian in the all chat. I told them multiple times they could speak Russian in squad chat since they were in the same team anyway.. the ignored me completely and see it as a game to speak Russian in chat because they can simply rejoin.
1 guy named atomicfungi ( also from Russia) Speaks English just fine but wonders why we give a fuck.. my explanation about being able to understand everything in all chat does not seem to bother him so i ignored him.

The players are:

Just a heads up if you see them in server 3. They know about this rule but they just dont give a shit.

If i did something wrong in my admin duty please let me know in a normal way.

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