Report OverpoweredSlug cheater 64 players Locker
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Aimbot and wallhack
Player name: OverpoweredSlug
Here is the battle report:
Here is the video spectating him:
Finally,for what is worth, here is his cheat-o-meter status:
Please, ban him.

Also there was another cheater, called VDYWodinaz
He was also the same kind of cheater, but he left many times during the battle.
He will stay on for 5-8 minutes, get roughly 10-12 kills per minute, leave then rejoin.
When i tried to spectate him also, he left and never come back.
His cheat-o-meter(for what is worth it)

And another one: IeatherM16
Blog profile:
(note: already BF3 banned)
Video proof (wall hack no recoil + aim)
Battle report:
Bf4 cheat meter:

And closet wall hacker: RegressiveMutant
Blog profile:
Battle report:
Some footage:

Some times, there are cheaters who play under the radar , avoiding detection, such as this guy. If you spectate him, you will notice how he is using wall hack, i am 1500% sure of him, i have more footage, but are small vids (1-2 min), so i need to crop them.

[Image: Denissa_Rowen.png]
Thanks given by:
i got an in game msg from Drbobx saying there is a cheat in server1 and had a look, i have a vid to but there was 2 or 3 people doing the same so if needed i will post it.
all i could do is kick him so if someone could please give him a ban that would be good thx Smile

Thanks given by:
still uploading my 4min video =(

[Image: PandaIncLogic.png]
Thanks given by:
(07-31-2014, 08:45 AM)pandainclogic Wrote: still uploading my 4min video =(
thats the story of my pc being on for one week straight

Steam: PTG_St3v3oh
Origin: PTG_St3v3oh
Battlelog:   ^
K70 RGB MX Browns ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
[Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=19113.0;...5220;image]


Thanks given by:
OverpoweredSlug - Banned
VDYWodinaz - Banned
IeatherM16 - Banned

RegressiveMutant - Inconclusive - Currently not enough evidence to ban.

Thanks given by:
i´m done, i´m done

here it is

too late =(


[Image: PandaIncLogic.png]
Thanks given by:

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