PTG1 No UCAV Trial
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OK some of the clan guys will have noted I have put into the topic for discussion at next clan meeting the trial removal of UCAV from server 1 .

I don't really like the idea but thought it only fair to voice the opinion of many of the server 1 regular users .

Ok I do not want to see it removed as it is a good tool when used to its best for clearing out snipers in the uncaps hiding away to pick you off at the crest of C hill outside , but there are one or two players who like the XM25 campers will just sit back and UCAV 90 second wait in cover or even back in the uncap then UCAV constantly through out the game .
The use of the UCAV in this manner is bringing up a large number of complaints if the UCAV is removed I believe we will end up with more XM25 airburst use which will then call for this to be banned slowly removing the ALL WEAPON tag the server has .
Majority of complaints for the UCAV tend to come from people who do not use/unlock it and the snipers who want to sit at the end of the map untouchable by normal means .
There are many snipers I have killed with regularity with the UCAV who do not whine complain or throw teddys out the pram but I could see how spawn UCAV spawn UCAV caould be frustrating some regulars .

SO guys YOUR thoughts please .

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We could try it out but you know how it is on C hill.... 5 snipers and 3 LMG just camping people, it makes it even harder when your in the camper team with only 3 people trying to push up the hill when the rest sit inside spamming XM25.

I think it would be a good idea if there was a limit on snipers and XM25 then a ban on UCAV could work out, just another thought.

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Sorry have to say no, mainly cos I asked about the xm25 and those that spam it and was told its part of the game, people can play how they want, therefore whats good for the goose.....

ultimately you ban ucav, then you ban xm25, then you ban 320 etc etc as you said

Tbh I would like to see the mortar back, its an all weapons server (stop right there JT) and shouldn't be allowed to morph into what was server 2 as we know what happened to that!

Most of those that complain are on DAILY if it bothers them that much why do they keep coming back? Just bowing to the butt hurters IMHO

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if i have to vote on this i will vote no and heres why :

it can be annoying to have idiots like v1lchen , battlefield, darkknight ( and many more ) who will shoot and hide and then wait till it reloads, however in order to ban this you have to consider how it will effect the game in its current form , as stated above its a great tool to troll snipers who hide at the back thinking there untouchable , its also good for clearing large groups ready for a team rush and tbh its a great feeling when you slam the ucav campers who sit at 30 - 1 thinking no one can get them.

the main issue i hear about the ucav more than anything is that its allowed to be flown into the uncap during baserape, this causes more outrage than anything else as the rules dont allow people to fly them back out , this is why im asking the rule be amended during baserape to allow it ( even if its trialed for a week ) , although im still not 100% sure it will work as when no admins are on i can see it being abused, removing the uncap vehicle rule will just allow those like v1lchen to camp even further back and hide.

if your thinking that a temp on the ucav will help balance then i disagree, you would have to ban other weapons like the xm25 / m320 etc in order to truly balance, there has even been a request for limiting weapons but tbh its all or nothing limiting will only cause more whining mainly by those not able to use it them selfs.

also just to note, the ucav has been compared to the mortar many times, however its completely different .... you can set up a mortar and hide inside whilst you fire : you have to be outside to fire a ucav plus you have to manually fly the ucav which on locker can be easy as well as a pain due to angle / invisible boxes etc unlike placing the mortar , not every ucav will hit / kill , mortars are aim on the screen and shoot as many as you want to get ya kill.

server 1 is a spam fest server, it will always be the same , hence why its been ranked 1 in the world several times and has been 1st in the uk since bf4 release. perfect solution would be turn chat of globably then no one would piss in the wind and whine like babies.

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If we start changing how the server works, it won't be the same server that as kermz said, reached number 1 multiple times. It's at its core an all weapons server and should stay that was imho

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I'd also have to say no to this.

I principally oppose most weapon bans as I seriously don't see the benefit of them. The game was intended to be this way: with all weapons present. I think that banning any sort of weapon is trying to make a game into something it isn't (or wasn't intended to be) and that's wrong.

I think with these same arguments you could make a case for disallowing stingers and javelins. I wouldn't like that either.

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Stinger/Igla ban on servers 2 and 3??? Yes please, would make my life when flying even easier. :p But in all seriousness, I agree with the comments above. I would say no to a ban on UCAV's, keep server 1 rules as they are now, the server works, we still see pushing and breaking through on it, which didn't happen when there was mortar spam... You can push round outside and come from behind to avoid the airburst spam thanks to the UCAV most of the time. It just takes a bit of teamwork

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get the mortar back and you can kill those ucav players ( cause they are visible on minimap during their fly )

vote for an all weapons server .. with ucav and mortar

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If the UCAV are removed we might as well start to call server 1 for nearly no explosive. I say/vote NO, don't let the snipers/other campers get their will fullfilledDodgy

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(07-31-2014, 08:13 PM)pandainclogic Wrote: get the mortar back and you can kill those ucav players ( cause they are visible on minimap during their fly )

vote for an all weapons server .. with ucav and mortar

+1 -> Vote for an all weapons server .. with ucav and mortar

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I am one of the ucav users and i die all the time using it when players run down the snow path and by other ucav users so we arnt untouchable.

imho the problem with server1 isn't ucav, its campers! i think people need to understand that!

when what ever team is pushing to cap C they camp out side in a bunch and that makes a good target for ucav, i said that in chat and watched 3 groups get pwnd by them.


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(08-02-2014, 08:50 AM)swamp01 Wrote: imho the problem with server1 isn't ucav, its campers!

Thats the point. If people enjoy camping, then they will camp.

You ban mortar, they camp ucav. (few players have left)
You ban ucav, they camp xm25. (more players will leave)
You ban xm25, they camp M240B / PKP Pecheneg. (more players will leave)
You ban M240B / PKP Pecheneg and you will get an empty server.

You can not force people to do not camp.
Well, there are plugins (at least at Counter Strike).
But force people to do not camp and you will get an almost empty server.

Many people play this server not because they accept a mortar/ucav ban. They play here because the people (some popular players). But be carefull, there is a limit players can accept a limited playing game server.

Just a thought.

See you in game,

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