IntelBoss hacker on Locker
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spotted a cheater on locker server:

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What you have to learn is bleating in chat doesn't do anything. he wasn't cheating ingame in that round and believe it or not admins are allowed to PLAY as well.

I asked you 4 times via chat to report and you kept on, ONLY YOU so you were warned, Killed and finally kicked, then you did as asked and reported it here

Then you come back whining again about his stats, yes he is a cheat but he wasn't cheating in that round and I was watching him, but you'd rather fuck my round up so I've had to come out of game to deal with it now when it could have waited til round end?

Just think if I banned every player whom was "reported" in chat none of you buggers would be left to play! there is a big dffierence between a cheater and SOMEONE CHEATING IN THE CURRENT ROUND

learn some patience next time please

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Thank you for your report. I see this person has already been banned.

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yes he is a cheat but he wasn't cheating in that round.

if he was cheating or not in a round with those stats he should be banned regardless.

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He was banned by me, my point was I need not of spoiled my game to deal with it til after the round, had he have been cheating in round then that would have been a totally diffferent thing to deal with

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