Pls Bann Brennerr
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First my English is not the best so i say sorry Wink

My appeal 2 ban him is
1: As own Commander he drops supplies on me (not 1 2 3 or 4 times many more in 1 Round )

2: He spamm with Commands as Commander (then u need a video i can send it here)

The Problem why he do that is i killed him Smile( not as commander )

So hope he get banned an he come never back
The most know me as friendly gamer and i hate it 2 Report but sorry i want fun and i hate it 2 look up that no supplie me kills ah sorry i forgett it need never supplys becorse i am supply soldier Wink

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if you have video of this it would help a lot in looking in to this

[Image: graphic.png]
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Here are some
MFG can say that brenner do it not the first time i was talking many times now with the Leader of Mfg
And Swamp kicks him 3-4 weeks ago from Server

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I confirm, when he play as commander he spam a lot of orders and supplies on teammates.
As always he is pleasant like a genital herpes...

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I can't see anything in the videos apart from you telling him you're going to ban him constantly, there's no sound and he doesn't drop any supply crates on you.

I'm not saying you're lying, but you've not provided any evidence that shows him actually rule breaking yet

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"I see now the circumstances of ones birth is irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."


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Also, wtf with the hentai popup Big Grin

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@hatori thx 4 help
I was thinking he spam only by me with the Commands
With the supplies i See it many times that he do that

@ptg on First Video u See my Death (look outside e supplies )i Cant make Videos then i Hope he kills ne 60 min with shadowplay Need a Lot Space and on my space Are 100 steam games installed
4 what u Need Sound then u can See the Commands from Commander ?

And swamp Kicks him 2 or 3 Werks ago from the Server
U can read my ingame Massage 2 him and i was in ts so chripolino (Mfg Member ) can say he do it many Times

So i have a Meeting with Mfg Leaders but eh didnt change his game style

@guy Nr 3 Smile i See over Stream Movies so makeded girl is a popup ^^

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So, then I register once to the point. It started a few weeks ago that the two had a little argument. The one killed the other with the EOD Bot, the other one with the falling ammo box. Brennerr is unfortunately very unforgiving, unfortunately some calls on our part with him brought nothing.

As for the Commander command Spammerei I do not say this but that was absolutely ok I see only due to the Spammerei no reason to ban him.

What the falling ammo boxes would regard perhaps a last warning to him attached with the announcement when that happens again he flies permanently from the server. (If you do this so I ask me to write because Brennerr read almost can not speak English or write) I do not mean to say that I tolerate his behavior, but everyone deserves a chance to change his behavior.

Brenner and Bob are like two children fighting over a lollipop.

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Brenner was in the enemy team so i can kill him Wink
And i was so nice 2 say hey i post somethink on ptg about brenner becorse he cant understand english
Then i were a asshole i can post it in the hope thet he cant say nothing about that and he gets banned
but that is not me then i have a problem i say it infront and not like a kid
He talk in ts how good he is he stay only on 1 -3 points and run away then enemys rush c
He run away to base then panda comes change team then he lose (he dont want in his stat a loose round omg )
And i have no porblem 2 say i think he is a idiot (and i say it 1 time 2 him hope he understand it Wink i need not 2 say a guy 20 times he is a idiot )

I have no problem to die but own commander that suxx
It is now more then a month many ts talks later he do it again again and again
And now say what i make ?
And i have no problem with u from Mfg u know i like u chri... but i dont undertsand how u can say here he became a chance what he need 20 chance ?
Think 1 month with the damm ammo box is enough
Only 2 kill him as enemy uhhh is that then ok that he spam and kills me from my own team ?

Then u kill him he drops u from friendlist cry like a kid in ts and pls dont say he do that not Wink

So what i do i dont hunt him (i do it 1 day becorse he kills me with ammo box and laugh as own commander )

And for me is it a spam then a commander gives me 50 commands for 1 point 2 attack in 5 minuts
and i dont play only 5 min on a server
so u can think 3200k server how long a round is Wink
I say 2 u in ts i make nothing but ur clan give him a chance many times again and again and again and again and now i post it here in hope he get banned

Its not my problem that he live battlefield it give more that bf and i think with over 50 u can play like a men and not like a small kid

who hands out must also insert so easy
It bugs me 2 look up the half round 2 look up 4 ammo box and i have no problem then he kills me as ENEMY commander but my problem is he was many times in my team Wink

And how many times i need 2 say hmm is ok its brenner jeah ok he do it again hmmm ok ok ok ok ok
Think enough is enough and really then i do nothing he never change his gamestyle

u know he is conceited he cant happen then he make a mistake u know that he think about that Wink
And i dont spend hours over hours 2 talk how he can change it

Becorse u know what he say in ts hmmm what he want i do nothing and then i show u movies hmmm is brenner is ok pfffff

My gamestyle is now outside in the hope that i dont kill him so what can i do now more ?

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My opinion on this lads is that while spamming the commands as a commander is rather annoying, it's not against teh rules. However, if you DO manage to catch him killing you a few times purposefully with supply crates, then that is affecting your game play and we'll have no choice but to take action.

Bottom line: Bring us evidence of him TK'ing multiple times, and do NOT respond to his trolling in chat to get a response in-game.

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"I see now the circumstances of ones birth is irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."


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ok then u can close it
Think it will be fast that he do that Wink

Thx 4 fast help

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i can vouch that i have seen brennerr do this by watching in spec /free cam mode quite a few times .but can i say he has done it intentionally ?? . its a hard call to say from my point of view. but i have witness players complaining about him doing it.
he seem's to be a nice guy but he don't say much in game.

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