nVidia Lawsuit
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Everyone loves a bit of suing.


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holy shit wtf that is HUGE..
if they get this samsungs numbers will be as red as a child without sunscreen in the desert

if you see weird attachments.. the app does that. deal with it

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I'm pretty sure I'm just being retarded. But are Nvidia suing samsung for the concept of a GPU as part of this?

"Those patents include our foundational invention, the GPU, which puts onto a single chip all the functions necessary to process graphics and light up screens"

So...why aren't they suing AMD and Apple for using GPU's??

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I thought as much when I read it. Good luck to them if thats what they're on about. Fuck knows, I'll have to read the court filed complaint and find out which patents they're on about. Either way, its some juicy shit Smile

Qualcomm supplies mobile processors (“Snapdragon”) to Samsung that use NVIDIA’s
innovative GPU technologies. Samsung’s consumer products – such as mobile phones and tablet
computers – are powered by Qualcomm’s processors as well as other processors, including
Samsung’s own mobile processors (“Exynos”), which also use NVIDIA’s technologies without
authorization. This investigation seeks to stop Respondents from their wholesale infringement of
NVIDIA’s important visual computing technologies by preventing the sale for importation,
importation, and sale after importation of (1) Qualcomm processors and chipsets with graphics
processing capabilities, which are used in Samsung products, and (2) Samsung products that
incorporate such Qualcomm processors and chipsets, and Samsung products that incorporate
other processors and chipsets with graphics processing capabilities, all of which infringe
NVIDIA’s patents.

[Image: 12299.gif]
"Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows on tits" - PornHub
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