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Arma 3 Epoch is now in closed beta. At the moment the only people with keys are streamers and youtubers who have been given about 100 keys each to giveaway to their followers/subscribers. So if you want to try and get early access you had better get watching some streams, or you could just wait until the open beta.

How many of you guys will be playing it when it's released?

[Image: PTG_Geordie.png]
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OMG I watched a stream and won a key in the giveaway! ooooo yeah!

I'm now whitelisted and am downloading as we speak

[Image: PTG_Geordie.png]
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You're going through these mods quicker than Barkspear updates his SJ Guide. None of them have any lasting appeal?

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i'm definitely gonna check the stream! hopin for a key..

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(09-11-2014, 03:24 PM)Chef_uk Wrote: You're going through these mods quicker than Barkspear updates his SJ Guide. None of them have any lasting appeal?

yeah, i still play them all but want to get an early start on epoch so i dont get left behind. I'll be playing king of the hill later on too

[Image: PTG_Geordie.png]
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this mod is going to be fucking amazing from what i have seen of it so far guys n gals. If you have arma 3 i would strongly recommend you do your best to get a key for the alpha by watching streams of streamers doing giveaways ( make sure you are logged into steam on your browser and have this loaded>> << because devs give keys away in chat but you have to be quick to use them ). I guarantee you won't regret it.

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I'm sexy and i know it!

[Image: 4C1F83100802758C7517CCC2A9E215E05F0D8E90]

[Image: PTG_Geordie.png]
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Is that a Pilot helmet? I got one on one of the other servers I was playing on. Actually have a look at this and tell me what you think of it.

[Image: johnboy2582.jpg]
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yeah, its a full pilot outfit mate.

Thats one of the baddies mate and they are so hard to kill..

[Image: PTG_Geordie.png]
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#10 is now out

Change log as follows:-

[Added] New Dog Brain with many new features.
[Added] More event driven chances to spawn antagonists.
[Added] Great White Shark.
[Added] Speargun found only in boats.
[Added] NVG goggles now require Energy to use (5 Energy every 10 sec).
[Added] Alert sound to drones when they spot you.
[Added] AI Soldiers should now attack you even in a vehicle.
[Updated] Group System - Invite List is alphabetically sorted.
[Fixed] Fixed typo that caused storage devices not to save correctly.
[Fixed] Overhaul of vehicle selling code to prevent issues.
[Fixed] incorrect scope with ItemKiloHemp.
[Fixed] Fixed and improved group system.
[Fixed] Double click action button text had incorrect text for some items like "Vehicle Repair Parts".
[Fixed] Fixed UI icons disappearing due to conflicting resource layer with dynamic text.
[Fixed] Added workaround for players not saving due to specific character in player name.
[Fixed] When first building a base item it will spawn as simulated and start to save.
[Fixed] Only allow owner or members of group to upgrade-in-place base objects if a Frequency jammer is placed.
[Fixed] Players can now trade Krypto using P2P trade menu.
[Fixed] P2P trading now correctly removes weapons from backpacks.
[Fixed] AI soldiers now spawn with the correct radio, vest, and hat.
[Fixed] Random traders can no longer occupy the same building.
[Fixed] Preview of building objects now use proper ghost preview models.
[Fixed] "Mine" trader city teleport point moved so that protection zone covers area.
[Changed] Suppress some group leader options by disabling use of 0-9, f1-f12, backspace, and commandmode.
[Changed] Code lockout added to Take Krypto code to prevent spam.
[Changed] Improved quality of shipwreak and pelican loots.
[Changed] Disabled side chat on all servers, use Quartz radio instead.
[Optimize] Furniture spawning moved client side for better server performance.
[Optimize] Added cleanup on furniture, weaponholders, and Krypto devices every 20min if no players within 45m.
[Known Issue] Unable to loot dead fish with "T" to get Seafood.

m00se l00se ab00t this h00se
[Image: 3999506695.png]
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Has there been a server wipe then?

[Image: PTG_Geordie.png]
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#12 Update

[Added] carts DLC content added go-karts, helmets, uniforms.
[Added] Snake bite sound.
[Updated] Dog brain fixes and optimizations.
[Updated] Shark brain fixes and optimizations.
[Fixed] Sniper rifle scope attachment issues.
[Fixed] Further fixes to group invite system.
[Fixed] Removed leftover debug systemchat text spam from Sapper brain.
[Fixed] Incorrect model for jerrycan and locker.
[Fixed] Texture on wardrobe.
[Fixed] NVG did not disable correctly after running out of energy.
[Fixed] Reduced global variable spam from p2p trade system.
[Fixed] Gumby leg bug with jump animation and crtl+w.
[Changed] Cultist and Sapper are now looted with Inventory button instead of T.
[Changed] lowered group invite distance to only 10m.
[Changed] Removed rating and score from debug as they are not currently used.
[Changed] Lower Hunter hit point armor levels a bit in an attempt to balance.
[Changed] Lowered animal spawn rate.
[Info] Many other fixes and security changes.

Release Soon!

Have also been reading up on the forums.

About the Dogs.

If you have your weapon out they feel threatened and will try attack you more.
Try sitting down and feeding them. supposedly they will eat food and drink. Not tried this yet so will wait and see.

I also found this on there. Handy if you need to know.

Fire Place - 2 Chumps ---> Fire Place

Lumberpack - 4 Chumps ----- > Lumber Pack

Wooden Stud Wall - 4 Lumber Packs ---> Wooden Stud Wall

Wooden Floor - 4 Lumber Packs ---> Wooden Floor

Wooden Stairs - 4 Lumber Packs ----> Wooden Stairs

Tipi Kit - 4 Scrap Pelt + 2 Lumber Packs ----> Tipi

Frequency Jammer - 3 Salvage Metall (Large) ------> Frequency Jammer

Vehicle Repair Kit - 1 Vehicle Repair Parts + 1 Salvage Metall (Large) ----> Vehicle Repair Kit

Cinder Block Wall - 4 Cinder Blocks + 2 Bucket of Motar ----> Cinder Block Wall

Chainsaw Gas - 1 Jerrycan + 1 2-Stroke-Engine-Oil

Foundation - 4 Bucket of Motar -----> Foundation

Upgraded Stud Wall - Press Strg + i and klick Upgrade
You need Salvage Metall (Small) for upgraded Wall

[Image: johnboy2582.jpg]
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Servers still locked or open now?

m00se l00se ab00t this h00se
[Image: 3999506695.png]
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i was just reading that there currently passworded due to the hacking

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I stop playing for a few days and all hell breaks loose :/

[Image: PTG_Geordie.png]
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Yeah I saw that too kermz, wondered if anyone managed to get the password as yet.

Geordie you'll be glad you wasn't online. You would of rage quit in minutes.

m00se l00se ab00t this h00se
[Image: 3999506695.png]
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i went on to grab some files and have a look at strt playing and saw all the video's people were linking.

let's hope they fix the bug in arma then it'll be public again

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If you’re talking about the dsync bug, k3rMz, then it appears to be fixed.

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I think he's referring to the hackers who were trying to spoil the party

[Image: PTG_Geordie.png]
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i was referring to the hackers , some crazy vids of people randomly flyin threw the air lol

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