Report dkloun ultiHitook Timur18052 oukapik xXMetal-FuryXx OyunEditoru for glitching
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hi ptg,

damn glitchers ( the hole squad was glitching up in the rocks @ E )
ultihook got severals times a 24h ban and disrespect this !
(cellsixsixsix killed with XM oyun who glitch)

damn uncap runners

this round was not funny, in the end 3 squads were glitching. so i want to remind you @ ptg, that i asked to become an admin and help you. "kick" rights are enough ( when the server is full, a kick person need time to rejoin ) and perhaps also "endrape" rights.

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These guys had a beacon above e, have video evidence on these guys if needed

[Image: mfrisbyuk.png]
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Saw them today climbing in the red zones. They known for it - got time banned - do it again - time ban - do it again and so on... It's time for a perma if you ask me.Wink

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thx for your help you two

[Image: PandaIncLogic.png]
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they have all been dealt with, many thanks for the reports Smile

"Of all the things Ive lost I miss my mind the most"
[Image: DeadlyDesires.png]
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