Found Ultimate bf3 skill boosting hack?
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I am just going on improving considerably in a jet, dominating our caspian server at times too, more than often as well Smile

I found a secret to just become awesome/near perfect from a complete jet noob (and its not kicking better jet pilots Big Grin)

which is to plat bf3 theme song 10 hour version while i play, only listen to it and watch my air radar, I rule skies apparently Smile

me gusta, its a hax even better a legal hax Smile

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i think thats a challenge chef Big Grin

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i have just 3 service stars, I guess it would be a challenge when I get like 10 or 11 Big Grin

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Killingspree, i need private lessons on jet.
i want to be a pilot!

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I'd be happy t tell you the tiny tricks I learnt fro youtube or just watching jets

a week ago i had les than 50 jet kills now 300 Big Grin - its all concentration i guess

Some tips

1) find the 10 hour bf3 theme music video from my youtube thread
2) play it when u r in jet
3) do not be on mumbe (or be muted) - because when on mumble, game and system sound volume get lowered ie no music for concentration or game sounds. Not to mention when someone speaks you cannot focus on 2 things.
4) Using air radar is compulsory!
5) Do not attempt knife in a jet vs jet, its not gonna happen :o
6) Do Not go Trololo
7) change key bndings for pitch up and pitch down settings - does hep in tighter turns

Some more but that is better when talking Smile

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Also if you're poor like the masses and can't afford a flight controller, use JUST the keyboard.
The WASD to accelerate and turn, and the arrow keys to nose and pitch.

Also, use the mouse to aim with with your weapons. Turn down your mouse sensitivity while aiming, really helps Tongue

Optimal turning speed is at around 270-290 mph, indicated in the left box of the HUD Tongue

Also, figure out which spots are the ones that shoot. Example, the main gun is the single dot rather than the crosshair, the rocket pods are the line that looks like a typing cursor Tongue

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I use keyboard + mouse, the way things are meant to be. Tongue

but yeah speed is debated between 280-310. Indeed knowing which cosshair is one that hits is crucial too, but i think all know it anyway? (i think so Confused )

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(06-23-2012, 05:02 PM)Killingspree Wrote: I use keyboard + mouse, the way things are meant to be. Tongue

but yeah speed is debated between 280-310. Indeed knowing which cosshair is one that hits is crucial too, but i think all know it anyway? (i think so Confused )

Since battlefield 3 was (Mainly) made for Console - (As DICE spent more time optimizing for Xbox and PS3) technically - the way it is mean't to be played is with a controller Tongue

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My 360 controller crashes my game for some reason. I use a joystick for air to air, you can usually always turn inside your target and you can keep doing it all day, where as a kb&m player can't as easily. The biggest advantage is being able to throttle from 100% to 0% in a split second.

Regardless of how good the joystick is for AA with missiles it's trickier for AA with guns, in fact I would border on saying it's next to useless for guns as most pilots are too good to get shot down with the raking fire you tend to do with a joystick.

The problem with joystick also extends to AG (air to ground) for rockets and guns. This is why I use the keyboard and mouse for AG and AA guns ( and you will only be doing AA with guns if your using rockets).

My top tips for piloting are:

Keyboard and mouse:

Accelerate: Shift
Decelerate: Left Ctrl
After Burner: Space bar

Pitch Up: S
Pitch Down: W
Roll Left: A
Roll Right: D

Counter Measures: R
Eject: Enter (keep it away from your other keys!)

Rudder: X axis of mouse
Pitch Up/Down: Y axis of mouse

Fire: Mouse 1
View Change: Right Mouse Button
Reload: Middle Mouse Button
Change Weapon: Rock mouse wheel right (set in mouse software via a key bind in game)

I also use two buttons on the left of the mouse to change the dpi (via mouse software), one a max dpi and one at min, as already mentioned, dropping the DPI can help in some target acquisition scenarios.

Joystick setup: as your please.

Putting it all together:

Turning - Throttle all the way down and jab the after burner in bursts (the reason it's on the space bar Smile ), you will turn quicker.

AA Gunning - Get close, but not too close, and follow them while they are turning, when they straighten out for the an attack run FIRE!

AA Missiles - A lot of this is about position, get behind your target if you can, stay there. This is where the joystick becomes so much easier. If your far away watch them for deploying flares for someone else, if they do (and you have lock) snap shot two missiles. If you don't get lock as quickly as possible, but maybe don't fire both at once.

If you get lock and they haven't launched get in there wake and fire one missile, they will evade and counter, follow them and once past the flares fire another missile and slow down and increase the distance slightly - they will be expecting a second missile and try wild flying to loose you/lock, but you counter this by increasing the distance (keeping them in the middle of your screen). They will most likely get hit by the first missile and start loosing control. Hopefully by now your first missile slot has reloaded and you can fire the second missile before breaking off, by now you have spent too long concentrating on one enemy and someone is probably hunting you now. Go low and go fast, this will make it harder (with the under radar option) for someone to hit you. Then power climb and go hunting again.

AG Missiles - Pretty useless unless there is a lot of soflams up, even then the speed your going and the time it takes for a missile to lock they are pretty useless. Without soflams you spend too long locking up a target (it takes you off the main hud and leaves you a sitting duck).

AG Guns/Rockets - Line up your target, and thanks to the mouse setup mentioned above (doubling up the pitch controls), you can now target the enemy like your using Paint, point and click.

Other info:

Don't expect to get many kills in AA, most people bale out before the plane explodes, unless you attack a damaged aircraft with two missiles and get two hits, that's instant death. What you usually get is disables, and destroys.

Engaging attack choppers is a pain because there under radar seems to work so much better, and they all tend to use ECM because flares at 10ft don't last long. This makes them difficult to hit, but when you do they can also land and repair. When they do get destroyed though you usually get two kills. Obviously full transport choppers are a lovely target as they can't really fire back and go down quickly and with many kills Big Grin.

Landing - Just practice, but it's easier with a joystick, but to be honest your not going to do this a lot though.

Outside View - It gives you a bigger FOV, so switch so you can see what's going on, it helps you while hunting for targets, but with it on the second mouse button it helps you flick back and forth.

Don't fly straight - Fly in curves, flying straight lets someone get behind you and shoot.

Enemy AA - The enemy AA can usually hit you before you can hit it, only attack it when it's firing at something/someone else. Also one pass with the rockets won't destroy it (or tanks), this makes it a tricky target to take down. The guided missile also takes two hits to destroy any armour, very annoying as it's also bloody tricky to use!

Break the lock - If your locked by Soflam flares don't do a thing and ECM sometimes seems to be annoyingly crap. Instead your only real option (including with log range missile shots) is to put something in between you and the launch vehicle/soflam/missile. The only realistic places to use are hills/mountains, which basically means this tactic is only viable on Firestorm and Kharg (the big oil tankers/carrier can also be used for this on Kharg).


The unlocks I use are: Stealth, AA missiles and flares, occasionally Air Radar, but I prefer the extra time it takes people to lock you with stealth (stealth replaces air radar).

Some people use ECM instead of flares, but for me ECM has to be used during lock, where flares can be used at missile launch. The main issue with this is that using the ECM on lock means that to stay safe you need to deploy and get out of the lock (including soflams), so you use flares when the missile is in the air and thus you can dodge the missile and stay behind your target.

Anyway, just my advice.

Thanks given by:

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