Free Valve Soundtracks
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With the basic music player being added to Steam you can, for a limited time, grab a free copy of the following soundtracks (assuming you already have the games and free movie associated with your account):

- Half Life
- Half Life 2
- Half Life 2: Episode One
- Half Life 2: Episode Two
- Portal
- Portal 2
- Free to Play

The files are 320kbps MP3s. No FLACs but it's good enough for most people.

Why Valve didn't just update the games with the soundtracks for free automatically I don't know. Get clicking.

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Will be grabbing a few of these later on, the HL2E2 soundtrack in particular is great

[Image: 76561198042289061.png]

"I see now the circumstances of ones birth is irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."


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Nice, ta Smile Although I already had the Portal 2 one Big Grin

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Aye, so do I. On CD too. But, fuck it, it's free... like herpes.

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