Bipod Glitchers
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Couple of them on PTG #1 earlier today.



Both carried on even though people were pointing it out to them.



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Hi av4tar it is hard to tell if they are bipod glitching purely from looking through the scope you need some external shots to show their body positions so for future videos think of going f4 and showing how they are lying .
Thanks for the report and please keep providing stuff if you think someone is cheating its very much appreciated Smile

[Image: JT252.png]
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no worries dude, i think youcan tell when he deploys the bipod fancing the wrong way then you see it turn 90 degrees and kills dont even line up with where the crosshairs are, thanks for the reply. been away for the week so catching up on everything. seen someone else posted a clip of reto. on a side note no BF for me till my gpu gets rma'd Sad

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