How to video a bipod glitch
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The video above shows one of the better ways to get video evidence of bipod glitching.

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not sure for def but am sure someone will say yeah or nah this guy was bipod glitching
have your say

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100% bipod glitch chill.

[Image: 76561198042289061.png]

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Bipod Glitch and he has been dealt with Smile

[Image: JT252.png]
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two more possible glitchers this person was seen doing this 3 times i warned him and kicked him,then he came back later and done it again person in question is : levetiracetam500 . and then i seen this guy :BAGGAXEll, also i want someone's opinion on this guys emblem :
who was on playing this morning.

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OK :BAGGAXEll definite BIPOD glitch but Levitrace thingy not bipod glitching he is using the lean ability its a glitch in the wall he wont see the wall from where he is and as such its not illegal my opinion .

[Image: JT252.png]
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True JT but if you are on the other side, trying to shoot him, all you can see is half of his head and his gun sticking through the wall while he can shoot your full body. Sure it's the games fault i guess for wrong calculating the player animations sometimes but it's still a pain in the ass to hit. Big Grin

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