This is a video from tonight! A few of us were playing..
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This is A video I recorded on shadow play. But want others to see it and put in their 2 cents worth.

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This video is unavailable

[Image: 12299.gif]
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and we are watching for ....... ?

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The game play of terminator, was able to know where everyone was and that he was very accurate with each shot !!

[Image: mfrisbyuk.png]
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I have already suggested the spectate/screenshot method for this guy before to verify that he dies more when being spectated than when he isn't being watched.

[Image: PTG_Jon170.png]
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Yeah does look dodgey m8 watchedat 5 mins in seemed to know where ou was camped out of all the other places to hide .As Jon said when you watch players like this they seem to die quite often as they know they are being watched .

[Image: PTG_Kenny.png]
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i thought we was watching how shit you was with a sniper rifle Tongue

use the screen shot method with him next time he's playing , will show weather he's dying more whilst being watched.

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Thats why in game I was bringing up the score board alot.
If we see him again I will do!!!

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