Banned because of racism
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HI all. 3 days ago i got banned because using the N word Sad so im really sorry about it Sad it was a really bad game and some guy from Germany didnt stop insulting my and his own team using word like neger which i think its in german so he didnt stop using this word and i kinda get too pissed off and i said : "Stop insulting ur team after i killed you call me nig*a if its gonna make you happy and start playing instead of crying" and then BAM you are banned because of racism SadSadSad IM really sorry i didnt mean to offend anyone all i wanted is to make the guy to stop spamming. Please if there is any chance to get unbanned send me e-mail or message all of my friends are playing on your server SadSad

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Thanks for taking the time to appeal your ban. We do not accept appeal requests for racism related bans as we have a ZERO TOLLERANCE policy. Please be assured that the matter has been looked into by a Banned liaison officer by this stage.
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