Op Locker & Metro rotation
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Would this fly?
Just wondered as I like both, and they are similar 'indoor\small' maps, so a rotation of the two might be appealing to the Op locker and those who like some variety?

Just dumping the contents of my brain, usually slim pickings...

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I have actually suggested this for server 2 previously, the biggest issue we have is anybody who doesn't own the second assault DLC or Premium would not be able to get onto the server to play, even when Op Locker was the map in the rotation it was on. If there was enough support and people willing to play, it could be considered, but Metro seems a hard map to fill up in BF4. In the end it would come down to a Clan Council decision due to the amounts of times we have tried and failed previously to get Metro to work.

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From the Dragon's Teeth DLC Propaganda (inf only!) and Lumphini Garden work well. Outdoor maps but highly enjoyable.

Propaganda with tanks doesn't work as good.

edit: why did I forgot Chain Link?

That's infantry and no explosives server. Kinda.

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