mortar and the uncap
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just got kicked for trying to use the mortar in the uncap.
just to clear things up is it OK for the enemy to mortar you as you spawn, in the uncap.

yes we had A in locker, but you cant use the mortar inside.

i will just camp with the xm25 like everyone else next time, and not try to get out and advance.

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The mortar is forbidden from spawn as it is classed as a vehicle.

The XM25 isn't against our rules, so have fun in future with it, you can even sit in spawn if you're so inclined.

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yeah i see you can do that, so its ok to mortar into the uncap.
i like shooting fish in barrels.

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tuco you was kicked for use of mortar from spawn area BY THE HELI-PAD which is uncap and the A flag was still open. rules does say no use of mortar from uncap, infact i killed one guy sec's before you WHO WAS IN FRONT OF YOU and i posted about the rules before hand, but you just carried on with the use of mortar at that stage i got to be fair across the table. you should know better as you play on it almost everyday so you should know the rules.

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The ONLY time you are allowed to use the mortar from the spawn area ( UNCAP ) is when you have no flags , this stops people base camping and try's to promote game play.

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i am fully aware of the rule for no mortar from the uncap, and i agree with it.
i just wanted to know if they can fire into it
(no mortar in the uncap) could mean both ways.

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