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Hi there,

please look at this video! i dont know if he using a "NoRecoil" macro, perhaps you can see it?


Watch 0:30

...and sorry, i have recorded 28 Days Later in background! Big Grin

and finally, I'm sorry that sometimes i will not note your language rule! Its hard for me to write a other language as my motherlanguage when iam in rage! Big Grin I like you and your server! Heart


Please, dont kick me next time if i forgot to write in english! You can kill me if you want!

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Thanks for the post Bill.

I've had a look at the video and all I can really see is that the player in question knows how to handle the gun, he's tap firing in short bursts rather than full spraying, and where he does fire is at a chokepoint.

Unfortunately with regards to the recoil macro, it's difficult to detect on spectator, as when someone does eventually go fully auto with a gun, the view just rises up anyway.

Keep the posts coming though and we'll keep checking the videos as they come Smile

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EGUK cheater clan O_o

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Only thing i have noticed with that Platoon is the glitch abuse when i have encountered a few of their top guys, lean glitch lower C D tunnel, upper C B area near metal detectors left side of the detectors, overall they have good aim and recoil control but that lean glitching and bug stuff is how they play more often then not plaster and concrete flying off the wall each time they shoot well that animation, good overall players but they tend to camp a spot they can do their glitch thing at once they hold the 3 bases and in rape situations if possible. 

Have observed them do the tweaking of the lean quite a few times at C D lower D entrance to lower C hallway and stay put there for entire round, that is just how i have observed them but mostly it is just 2 of them on a server and not a full squad so can not say all of them play that way.

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