Player DY5TRO abusing other players
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Player DY5TRO ( was abusing other players and threatening to "rape girls like her" (player CherryBomb-Kate) plus other abusive comments. I've attached a couple of screen shots of the comments.

Whilst I understand that banter occurs in games and can get a little heated at times I think comments like these are wrong regardless. I don't think it actually matters if CherryBomb-Kate is female or not threatening and bullying behaviour should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Please take the appropriate action. I have also reported the player to EA/Dice too.

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Thanks for your report, I have now dealt with this. The player is now permanently banned across all of our servers.

[Image: 12299.gif]
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For clarification, sexual abuse will never be tolerated by [PTG]. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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Thanks for that. Appreciate the swift action.

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