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Tonight we fancied playing some BF2 however it wasn't so straight forward as we found out.


After some hunting i found out how to get BF2 to play Online. its pretty simple to do just follow the instructions below.

  1. Make sure that the game is installed on your pc, whether thats origin or steam.

  2. Visit the following website : http://www.battlelog.co/

  3. Click the register button and fill out the details, the only thing you need to make sure is that you use your original BF2 name the rest can be new.

  4. Once you have registered you will get a confirmation screen, After this click Home Then Login ( top right )

    You will probably recieve the following message but you will be logged in ( check top right ) : k3rMz you are already registered. Click home again

  5. Click the Download the launcher button and save the file to your computer :

    [Image: IE0OfOg.jpg]

  6. The install should auto find your BF2 folder on your computer if not you need to browse to the main installed folder.

    Example mine is here in origin : G:\Origin Games\Battlefield 2 Complete Collection

  7. Once installed you need to use the dest top shortcut if you ticked the box during install or browse to the following file G:\Origin Games\Battlefield 2 Complete Collection\BF2R.exe

    !! NOTE !! you must run either of these in ADMIN MODE if not you will recieve an error about Permission Elevation.

    [Image: Dgs4WVB.jpg]

  8. You will need to login with the same username / password as you did on the above website.
  9. Once logged in click settings in the top right hand corner, your name should automatically be in the top left box , on the right select 0001 then press create profile, Its advised that you send the profile to the cloud but this is optional, now click close

    [Image: 88relYH.jpg]

  10. click launch battlefield 2 now button , and the select yes to the pop up

    [Image: Aq1JxC9.jpg]

    [Image: t2GdBkT.jpg]

Thats it your good to go

Known issues :

Launching Game Can Take A Few Minutes : Depending on your pc the game can take a few minutes for the exe file to respond and load the game , if the game hasn't loaded within 2/3 minutes then check in your task manager to see if the exe is running.

Stats Update. There is a delay on the stats so you might show as a new player ingame until these are collected, there is a chance however that your stats are not available and you will then remain as a private until you rank up ingame.

Mouse Arrow Wont Move Once You Join A Server : this is easy to fix , before selecting multiplayer , go to options / controls / select reset to default, this will fix the controls issue , you can also customize the layout to your liking , then apply.

PunkBuster Updates : you might find that you get kicked by punkbuster as your not up to date, You can update using the auto updater from Evenbalance website Here -


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Cheers mate I'll have a look next time I'm on the Pc.

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just had a few matches online with dee , anyone else that has this game should get it installed so we can all get on and have a mess around Smile

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Is it still 64 player?

[Image: graphic.png]
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if the server you play has 64 yes, one we played on was 64 players.

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Retro gaming FTW. 17 days off work coming up. Many late nights to come woohoo.

Can I play it with 3 monitors?

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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(12-16-2014, 09:58 AM)Chef_uk Wrote: Can I play it with 3 monitors?

you'd have to test it chef , not a scooby

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Fucking hell lads - I've known you lot for almost a decade because of this game - not sure I should be dipping back into it!

[Image: graphic.png]
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lol Hoot

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