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Welcome to the forums! Please read the below information before creating an application.

- During your application you're expected to represent PTG through means necessary by either the preferred method of changing your gamer id to start with PTG_ or using the clan-tag system.
The minimum age limit for the clan is 15, and we expect all members to be mature.

- Do you have a headset & microphone? This is crucial for voice communication on mumble.
- Will you be active within the community? e.g. Forums, Mumble etc.
- You will not be a member of or represent another clan?
- How did you find our community?
- What is your in-game name?
- What game are you interested in playing with the clan?
- Would you be willing to donate towards clan funds?*
- Were you referred by a member? If so, who?
- Steam/Origin/Battlelog profile/s. Link as many as you want so the community can add you! ( Ensure that these profiles are not private).

If you're interested in joining the clan, simply create a thread in the "Recruitment Area" of the forums, found here: and answer the questions above to give us an insight into your gaming history. Good luck!

If you would like to get to know the clan before applying, you can always visit our mumble, the details are here:

Battlelog PTG platoon

*Please note that while all donations are greatly appreciated, they are not mandatory and will not affect your application. We are an entirely donation-run community and any donations great or small are received with enormous gratitude.

If you have any problems with your application, feel free to contact one of the Recruitment Committee members. The members . . Trib. . AngryArmySoldier.

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