#1 Locker use of mortar
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Hey, this morning at around 8.30 people were using mortar. If i remember it right it is banned weapon on the server, as i remember getting kicked after the mortar ban came... I believe you are using rconnet aswell, and as it is down the admin scripts aint working so people were using mortar.

Here is the report and following people were using mortar from base


Belal-alaraby AGUILUCHO1 pauliee911 Hadrian82

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Mortar on that server IS allowed unless it is operated from the uncap.

If one team holds all 5 flags, then the losing team is then allowed to use the mortar from the base until a flag is captured by their team again, they must then move out.

Unfortunately the battle report won't tell us where the people were using the mortar and under which conditions, so it looks like they'll get away with it this time. If you do catch people at it in future, and there's no admins around, be sure to take a screenshot of them sitting in the spawn and post it up here, it'll be sorted once an admin sees it.

Thanks for your post.

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