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[ONE] -InterNacional-

[PTG] 24/7 Metro [] 15000 Tickets!! [] All Weapons Allowed // 30/06/2012 18:11CET

Caught this guy glitching into the ceiling on two different occasions now. Lying in the vicinity around the stairs beside the lockerroom. I made a screenshot but a second too late. He just got killed. I didn't get a 2nd opportunity because i was installing mumble to report him and he left before I got back...

Anyway, here's the screenshot I made for what's it worth.


[Image: bf32012-06-3018-12-33-49.jpg]

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Thanks for that mate, always nice to get people reporting things to us. We try to admin all our servers with pride, but we can't be everywhere at once.

We'll take the appropriate action.


[Image: d6480570c8d18265.png]
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Good catch lad and welcome to the forums.

[Image: graphic.png]
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My pleasure and tyvm!

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