my projects.
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Just to keep you guys updated on the things im working on right now:

- Youtube channel, since this is how it started!

- De mannen van Dokter Anne ( The men of Doctor Ann ) 
In this new tv show that will appear in Holland on Net 5 somewhere June this year i play a young doctors assistant. We are almost done recording this show. Fun fact: on valentine's day i managed to get my wife a part as an extra Big Grin

- Intervoice overs: Saturday 21 februari i got an audition at this company and if they accept me i will become a voice actor dubbing movies and commercials!

- Band van Bram Brummels. ( dutch movie) on the 26th of februari i got an audition for this short movie that will be sent to movie festivals. I will either go for the main part (insecure guy thats looked in his own home) or for the part of the main parts best friend.( Hippy animal loving shop owner.) Both look really fun

So there you have it! 
I will ofc give links, pics as soon as i get them!

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that's a lot of exiting stuff your doing, best of luck with them and I'll be looking forward to the linksSmile

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congrats elmo! you are doing the things (movies, shows) which has always been my dream Wink

good luck mate! hope to see you on tv

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It has been my dream also. I wanted to go to theaterschool in Utrecht or Klein Kunst in Amsterdam but it was too expensive for me

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