Ban Appeal - False accusation of Racism
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Good day.

Earlier today, I was playing in one of this clan's 'BF4' servers - the one entitled '[PTG] All Maps | 24/7 | 1600 Tickets | Fair Play Rules', specifically - from which I was, at around 13:00 GMT, during a match on Hainan Resort, banned under the allegation of using racist language.

The ban information that came up on the silly 'BF4' web-launcher was as follows: 'Stated reason: RACISM used N word'. This accusation is, as one will be able to see from any logs of the chat in this match, false.

You see, the 'N-word' in question is, with no debate possible, 'nigger', but what I wrote - as a cheerful greeting to a player who posted a message along the lines of "Hello everyone" - was the phrase, "Sup, negroe?", which is entirely different to any thinking individual.

While the word 'nigger' is one with very obvious connotations of racism( when not used by someone who would not fall under its definition), the word 'negroe' (the 'e' being optional) is entirely different, as it simply means 'black' (as derived from Latin). Therefore, addressing someone whom one does not know as anything more than a generic avatar and a line of text - with no other insults, accusations, or terms whatsoever - as 'negroe' is no more an act of racism than addressing them with any other colour -- for example 'rosea', meaning 'pink', in Latin.

While I'm sure the ban was put in place with good intention, it is, nonetheless, ridiculous.

Things that might actually be worthy of a ban on the charge of racism might include:
1. Calling someone a "filthy [insert any race here]".
2. Actually calling someone a 'nigger'.
3. Advocating Hitler's foreign policy.
4. Repeatedly bombarding a Jewish person with smoke grenades, while asking if they like the gas.

Banning someone for the simple use of a word describing a colour, however, is simply ridiculous and draconian.

Now, I have rather enjoyed playing on this server: it has a friendly community, a decent connection (especially for someone in the middle of rural England, whose broadband has only once (ever) reached 500KB/s), and doesn't bombard the chat with messages about unquestioning obedience to the rules (first sign on an oppressive regime), so I would very much like to get back to playing on it as soon as is convenient.

Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal.

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We do not accept appeal requests for racism related bans as we have a ZERO TOLLERANCE policy. Please be assured that the matter has been looked into by a Banned liaison officer by this stage. 

Thread Closed!

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