Clan/community player balancing on the server
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Hey guys, 

There is something that has really been bothering me about the balancing on your server recently, and it is this.
When there are 3 members on one team, and a forth member joins from the same community/clan with the same clan tag, then one of those players is team switched/balanced to the other team.

Now its not necessarily the player that just joined, can be any one of the members that has been playing since the beginning of the round.
This happens frequently to me, when i have been playing since the start of the round, winning team or loosing team it dosnt matter.

I, like other community players, like to play with my friends, we join as a group, and have done so in your server for well over 1yr now.

When i asked kermz in the game chat why this was implemented, it was said, that it was due to D&S bending or breaking rules.

Now im sorry, but i dont think it is fair to punish other community players, by having these restrictions in place, which prevents more than three members from the same community to play together.

If D7S players were breaking rules, and then action being taken, temp ban whatever, and then when they come back they continue to break rules, why do you not ban them permanently ? 

This restriction effects everyone in a community that visits your server, a full squad is five players, so at least for now can you up the players allowed in one team to this number, we can then at least play as one squad.
And then any joining members can be moved to the other side.

Im quite happy to play against my members, as are my members, its just starting to become off putting to come and play on your server knowing that if we do, we cant play together anyway, or will start off playing together, only for another member to join, and then any one of the members to be switched to the other team.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and i hope something can change, BudGie :-) 

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Doesn't the white list stop this?

[Image: quote_it_is_hard_to_imagine_a_more_stupid_or_mor.jpg]

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it wasn't just D7S that abused the system , many clans did I just gave you one example,  the old balancer we used was easy to manipulate allowing stacked teams of all the better players against a crap team which would end up in base rape every time and believe it or not the complaints were ripe every day about people using those underhand tactics. it also allowed players to bypass the scrambler and rejoin there original team based on what they wanted and not the server balance

The newer plugin we use balances on a set of rules that takes into account ALOT of different thing's, however the back bone of the plugin stops players from trying to join winning teams, beating the scrambler and try's to keep a central balance of the game. Part of that balance is to balance players with the same tags evenly between both teams to stop stacking.

However what the plugin cant do is tell players how to play which is why you end up with rounds that are uneven based on player type rather than skill. Another thing you also have to take into account is our VIP system, those who donate to our servers are immune to the balancer and as such other players regardless of clan tag, joining on friends or trying to auto switch will be moved around the server, we still have quite a large VIP list on our servers and at times this can cause  Non VIP's to feel that they are unfairly moved around the server.

TBH and without sounding like i'm forcing this on anyone, the only way to bypass the auto balance system on our server's is to donate, it is set up mainly for that system and as such making several changes to please non vip's would make it unfair to those who not only love our servers but support them as well.

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I have played on a server where you had a skill from 0 to 100, the better you are, the more you have, common sense.
The balance used that data to balance the teams. Maybe try that (do not know the name) this balances teams skillbased instead of the one who joined last. Also may prevent baserape.
So it's there, just gotta find it somewhere

Just my 2 cents Smile

''Stupid people aren't annoying, they're free entertainment!''
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