24/7 GULF OF OMAN need more admin´s
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Do not understand me wrong.. a good clan needs donations in order to keep the games (servers) up and running. I totally agree of paying to have a VIP slot on a very much crowded server, at all that 5 pounds to have a VIP slot on ALL servers is pretty cheap at that.

What I dislike though is that you give admin rights to people who pay and even advertise for that to people here to pay to admin the server, this admin stuff should be done by high ranking members only! Or members who you trust enough who play that particular server day and night!

Anyhow, I played this 'Oooh man' server yesterday and almost whole day, got into mumble and complained about a guy 'HaggsApproves' who was constantly baseraping and stealing the other teams vehicles, finally after 5 hours on mumble someone decided to do something about that and came to the conclusion the guy had left the server.

At least do what you say here to other people "come on to mumble and we will do something about it, there is always an admin on 90 % of the time" that is not true. It took me 5 hours to get someone to look at the issue, thanks goes ot paska who looked at the issue after 'other' members urged him to look at it cause apparently they got sick of me complaining about it.

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Well regardless of what you thing we should do in terms of admin rights, believe it or not we don't just hand out ban rights to every single member as soon as they get in the clan, They're monitored and bumped up a level if they're found to be responsible. Similarly, if they're irresponsible. they're admin rights are taken away.

Secondly, you're incredibly lucky you were offered the chance to be an admin on our servers in the first place. Don't blame us for you not wanting to install mumble, and i doubt it was 5 hours. If it was 5 hours, then why didn't you find another server? There's plenty of others out there to play on, why not set your server to gulf of oman and play on there instead?

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4 pages of drive,l close thread

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