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Official Page:

Hands On Review:

Quote:The HTC Vive includes the highest resolution display of any VR headset to date, featuring two 1080 x 1200 screens, one for each eye, and the pixel density is said to eliminate the screen door effect unless you really look for it.

This gives the Vive a total resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels, and an aspect ratio of 9:5 as opposed to other headsets' more standard 16:9. The result is a taller image, but one which feels more natural and convincing - you can look up with your eyeballs rather than by craning your neck.
The screens run at 90Hz, which is on par with Oculus Rift's Crescent Bay edition but lower than Sony's Project Morpheus' 120Hz. Whether the difference will be noticeable remains to be seen, but we suspect that once you get into the realms above 90Hz gains are marginal.

Everything you need to know (For now):

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The next stage in human development. Absurdly massive neck muscles to counter the front heavy trend in VR. Looking forward to the next generation of freak mutant children.

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Just stick some counterweights on the back.

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DayZ creator Dean Hall has revealed to Eurogamer he is making a virtual reality game for Valve's SteamVR platform.

When asked by Oli Welsh at E3 if he was looking at VR, Hall answered, "My studio RocketWerkz is, yeah." Then clarified: "Not for this game," by which he meant Ion, the space simulation game announced at E3.

Ion is being developed in London in collaboration with tech company Improbable, and we'll write more about it - based on the interview with Dean Hall - soon. But in New Zealand, RocketWerkz is "working on another game", which Hall leads in addition to Ion.

It was when Oli Welsh pressed about there only being one other game, besides Ion, that Hall spoke of his involvement with Valve.

"One, and a new one starting..." he began to say.

Improbable's Nick Button-Brown cut him off. "You have one other project - that's just kind of in your head that other one," he said in good nature.

"Well no because I kind of told Valve I'd do it," Hall retorted with a laugh, "so... I kinda have to, right?"

We asked if that was the VR game. "Yeah," he answered, adding that he had tried SteamVR on HTC's Vive headset - the same experience that deeply impressed us.

"[Valve's] Chet Faliszek was like a huge mentor to me," Hall said by way of explaining how the situation came about. "He contacted me very early on in DayZ's development and he's been all through everything - he's been a huge mentor. And I actually got a chance to seem him speak, and I spoke myself, at Slush Play [a gaming and VR conference] in Iceland. And, to be honest, that was the final convincing for me. So I really liked what he had to say."

Hall shared no details about the VR game beyond that. Currently he divides his time between London, making Ion - which is soaking up a lot of his time - and New Zealand, although the latter studio he said was "working on a much simpler game".

Hall's enigmatic new game, Ion.

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I actually got to try out the Occulus rift Dev kit 2 at the BBC presentation tent at an Airshow I went to recently, suprisingly its pretty light weight, its super responsive, the tech demo I tried out was looking around a greek Villa (they was gonna use it for a virtual museum trip lol) was pretty impressive tbh, ill def be looking at getting one when it goes full retail Big Grin

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(08-19-2015, 08:29 PM)DeadlyDesires Wrote: I actually got to try out the Occulus rift Dev kit 2 at the BBC presentation tent

Without seeing the rest of the sentence - uuuh. yeah

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