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I'm Xanthan, 37 years young.
My kid Xantho bought BF4, i liked it also, so now we share the pc to play BF4 sometimes.

I like to play in team with people i know so why not apply a fun group with a good server.

To answer the questions:

- Do you have a headset & microphone? Have a mic, just need to find it, just bought new house so still somewhere in boxes
- Will you be active within the community? Yes, i'm very social
- You will not be a member of or represent another clan? Havend been member of any clan, since i quit a multi gaming organisation
- How did you find our community? From playing on your BF4 server
- What is your in-game name? Xantho9
- What game are you interested in playing with the clan? i play BF4, hearthstone, eye of the storm, dota 2
- Would you be willing to donate towards clan funds? if i like this community, i might donate the montly 5£
- Were you referred by a member? If so, who? I hade a small talk with Skalle, so he told me to apply
- Steam/Origin/Battlelog profile/s.
Origin: Xantho9
Steam: XanaThan

Hope to hear something soon.

With Kind Regards,

Xanathan and Xantho

Thanks given by:

Thank you for your application. You will now be vetted by the Recruitment Committee, a process which may take up to 3 days. If you clear this vetting, you will be accepted into Clan [PTG] as a probationary member and permitted to wear our tags in-game. You will retain this probationary status for a period of 6 weeks.

During this probationary period, you will constantly be assessed to ensure you act in accordance with the standards expected of a [PTG] member. If you are judged to have met these standards at the 6 week point, you will be promoted to full [PTG] member. If you fail to meet the standard required however, you will be removed from the Clan [PTG] usergroup.

As an applicant you're expected to act as a full PTG member in-game, following our server rules to the letter. You can view the server rules by typing !rules in-game, or just ask a PTG member if there's something you're unsure of.

The approval of your application will largely depend on how you interact with [PTG] members and public players in game and in mumble, both of which you will be expected to join. A headset with working mic is crucial for this. If you struggle with setting up your microphone, please refer to our setup guide below. The details for our mumble server, including a download link can be found here:

Download link (Version 1.2.4):
Port: 36030
No password
Your own username (In-game name is preferred for quick recognition)
Mumble setup guide:

We expect you to keep up to date with all things PTG on our YouTube channel and our Twitter account whilst your application is in progress.

**If you donate towards our server fund then VIP status will be granted across all of our severs. This will give you a reserved slot on all PTG servers where applicable, which will allow you to jump the queue over normal and premium players once a slot becomes available and whitelist you from server autobalancing. If you are accepted into the clan and you prove yourself to be a trusted, mature member of the clan, then admin abilities may be granted to you by our council.

The Recruitment Committee will be available to guide you through the process and help you in any way we can. Please feel free to talk to us on mumble or via PM.

Good luck in your application!

**Whether or not you donate to the clan will not affect your application in any way.

[Image: EO01Kpg.jpg]
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Hey man, good luck!
btw, what part of Belgium are you from (the Dutch or French part)?

''Stupid people aren't annoying, they're free entertainment!''
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hi and welcome

Thanks given by:
I'm from the dutch part of Belguim Big Grin, but i do speak french or german or english or swedish a little bit and some chinees Big Grin

Thanks given by:
i speak scotish and rubbish.

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lol jock

''Stupid people aren't annoying, they're free entertainment!''
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"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."
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The Recruitment Committee have vetted your application and you have been approved, congratulations!

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Grats Xanathan! Don't forget to apply for the PTG Platoon on Battlelog Smile

''Stupid people aren't annoying, they're free entertainment!''
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Thank you very much all!

Looking forward to have great fun and some nice gameplay

Thanks given by:
Probationary access granted. Welcome Smile

[Image: 76561198042289061.png]

"I see now the circumstances of ones birth is irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."


(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
Thanks given by:

Thanks given by:
Look's like i made a small mistake and i apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

My Steam name is XanaThan but i registered with xanathan, so not sure what you will need to type in to find my profile

Thanks given by:
welcome to PTG, not a member anymore but still great to see its growing Wink

enjoy and have fun with these great people and me.

[Image: ZEfIw7i.jpg]
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The Recruitment Committee have now completed the final review of your application. We are pleased to inform you that you have passed this review and have been accepted as a permanent member of Clan [PTG]. Congratulations! You have conducted yourself excellently in accordance with the standards of the Clan and we are proud to have you in our ranks.

[Image: EO01Kpg.jpg]
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Didn't surprise me! Congratulations!

''Stupid people aren't annoying, they're free entertainment!''
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Thank You Guys!! Big Grin, i'm honored to be here and play/talk with this select group of people that are mature and respectful.
Been having fun and had good laughs so far and hope this will continue like this.

Thanks given by:
PS: Would it be to soon to do a application for admin rights on servers?
Not that i really feel the need to kick people but in weekends i'm online a lot in the mornings.

Thanks given by:
well done mate you are a good addition to ptg.

Thanks given by:

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