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Op Locker

Weapon Limits
I'd like to know why these limits are in place on Op Locker. They bring zero game play or teamwork (no sniper inside will come outside, thats obvious on either team) to assist, so you roll a sniper to help the team, and can't. I understand limits on mortar/UCAV/C4 as that helps stop spam, but limiting what weapons you can play seems against the spirit of the game. Since these rules, the games have been constant base rape, as one team has all the cards, and the other just can't pick what they need. Some leniency or reduction in limits would help imho.

Rule Breakers
Constant 'regular' platoons, same faces and names, uncap climbing, red zoning, why are these players just kicked, and 'its all okay' when they come back. I received a round ban pretending to jump onto a rock, yet these guys day in day out break the rules. I'd like to see some even handedness, as its getting real annoying, and ruining the game for some.

Distinct lack of admins on Op locker, and its boring as hell to keep finding one in mumble. Recruit some more!

I check players stats on BF4DB, and only report players who have stuff like tonight, 7560SPM, 600% above average with sniper, obvious shit, and I think one of the very few who frequently use the !report function.

Vote Nuke
I know this is on a poll, so we'll wait and see I guess.

For the last few days, the server has felt like shite. Poor FPS and registry. I know its not my system. Has the server changed or something, seems pretty slow/jerky compared to normal.

All Maps
Why is the server still stuck on non premium? Should the server and gameplay be restricted to the same old maps, which are boring as hell now. I'd like to suggest adding some other DLC and modes (removing Rogue transmission which kills the server stone dead). I think the PTG server is behind others in this respect. Shake of the flares lads.

Thanks given by: Roastyfire
Hi Harlin,

The Weapon Limits were introduced as a result of a vote from the players playing on the server in an attempt to reduce the spammy nature of the server. A lot of players used to sit back near the spawn and do nothing but fire the UCAV/Mortar, and did a lot less for the team than they do now. However, if you feel that this is doing more harm than good, we could set up a feedback vote ingame to see how the weapon limits are being received. Since their implementation, we ran another vote to see the limits become tighter, and the majority voted for it however, so it may just be a case of more people wanting the limit than not.

With regards to Rule Breakers, we have implemented a new strike-based ban system as of the clan meeting on the 24th of May. If members as you say do continue to reach the kick stage, they will be dealt with accordingly. Eventually, players who continue to disregard the rules after multiple warnings/suspensions they will be permanently banned with no opportunity to appeal. More information can be found in the second post in this thread.

We ran a trial of having non-PTG admins on our servers, and unfortunately although they received very restricted access with regards to what they could do, there was some minor abuse and it was removed. As such, we will no longer pursue the option of non PTG players with admin rights. However, soon there will be 1 or 2 more PTG admins around, and I'll talk to the RC about performing a bit of a recruitment drive on Locker to see if we can find some player suitable not only to moderate the server, but to wear our tags.

A player with 7.5k spm was banned tonight for blatant cheating. A better way to report players for us to investigate would be through the forums if you have the opportunity in future.

The nuke system has been altered to allow a nuke after 5 minutes of base trap instead of 10. We now allow 3 nukes per round, with a minimum of 10 minutes between each one. The vote nuke was unanimously voted against by our members.

No changes have been made in the past couple of days to the server, I'll pop on every now and then to rcon to check ingame if there is FPS drops/latency issues, more frequent restarts may be required and if so they will happen.

A lot of the players on the All Maps server don't have premium or any of the DLC's. If we add a DLC map to the rotation, our players will not be able to join even if the current map is set to a vanilla map. We can investigate a changeup of the rotation however, I know rogue transmission has never been super popular and removing it may be an idea.

Keep the feedback coming bud. Cheers.

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Thanks given by: Harlin
(05-26-2015, 12:18 AM)Harlin Wrote: Registry.
For the last few days, the server has felt like shite. Poor FPS and registry. I know its not my system. Has the server changed or something, seems pretty slow/jerky compared to normal.

The server should be rebooted every 2/3 days maximum however its not always the case, and due to the amount of traffic our server see's it does effect the registry on the server after a few days.

I will try make sure that i reboot the server a little more often, however i have to wait for the server to become empty as its easier to do with no one on.

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I rarely hit the 15 kill warning with the limits, not even if I try.
I don't see it being such a big problem.

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Its not a big problem is your an Airburst/INVR LMG chap, happy sitting with your bipod on pinch points. Whole point of Grenade Launchers et al is to winkle the camping scrubs out of their holes, which is hard when all you have is an incendary. Its about using whats available, and restrictions do help with spam, but also prevent counter measures.

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Its six of one and half dozen of the other when it comes to weapon limits,  it was a toss up to restricting the weapons completely or limiting the amount of kills you could get.  

Yes by having a kill limit it does stop the few from using the weapon correctly as you stated above but the spam on the server has reduced considerable a lot since the limits have been put into place, you'll often see the reg's asking it to be even lower or completely restrict a weapon but the majority can no longer just sit back and spam explosives threw a tunnel or door way.

The limits are the lesser of two evils, during base rape situations is were you'll see the limits help the defending team as it doesn't turn into a spam fest, and as you'll see people do get kicked for spamming because they choose to ignore the limits.

One thing to consider as we did , 10 players on each side all spamming m320/ lvg threw tunnels at c or doorways at b or d can cause a huge stale mate not forgetting how much kills get stacked up , now include xm25 spam and other explosives and it just ends up a cluster fuck every single round.

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Usually if you're pushing (you do seem like a player that pushes to me) you don't even get the change to use explosive launchers. I push a lot on locker with Damo, Cell and sometimes the D7S guys. We rarely reach the 20 kil mark.

''Stupid people aren't annoying, they're free entertainment!''
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Thanks for the feedback Harlin, very valuable. Please keep it coming as if any changes are brought about from your information you will be best placed to keep us informed of how it plays out.

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indeed thats right i tried couple times myself but no result

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