i cant play Battlefield 4
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i can no longer play this game without it giving me a error where i get timed out, can only play for 10mins and it fucking boots me, i fucking hate BT and them fucking with the lines and putting fibre optic around me but towards me or some of the little shits in the local village where the server box is are fucking with it.

so thats why i have not been on in a while

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Been wondering when I'd be able to complain about your driving again marko mate, hope everything gets sorted soon Smile

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But you were playing a round with us today Tongue and not with a ping of 1500

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(06-02-2015, 08:33 PM)DatEMELGEESKILL Wrote: But you were playing a round with us today Tongue and not with a ping of 1500

maybe i just got lucky

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