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As many of you remember, we ended last year with a poll in which we asked you, the community, which maps you would prefer to be remade in Battlefield 4.

We never previously talked about the results of that poll, but that changes today!

Before we published the poll, we had a hunch a majority of you would want us to remake Battlefield 3 maps – which proved to be correct looking at the results:

Open Classic Map Poll Results

The results of this poll was invaluable, but not the only parameter we considered our pick…


With the Community Map Project catering to the wills of the majority (which tend to like predominately infantry based play) - we wanted to make sure the classic map project would cater to our equally important veteran & vehicle-players!

The team looking at vote results from both the Community map and the Classic map polls.

With this in mind, this is how we made our pick:
  • A map not re-imagined before
    We removed previously re-imagined maps like Strike at Karkand and Wake Island in favor for something fresh.
  • A truly classic map
    We filtered out maps from Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2 and Bad Company 2: Vietnam respectively as we wanted to step further back in our catalog than that to reach the really classic content
  • A large vehicle based map
    When we think “classic Battlefield”  - we think lots of vehicles, which meant skipping some Battlefield maps like Omaha Beach, Berlin and Mashtuur City based on size and vehicle density.
  • Most importantly – Dev-Team weigh in
    The final pick was also heavily influenced by which maps on the list we could truly take to the next level both visually and gameplay-wise, and which would be lots of fun to make and play of course!

Taking all this in consideration we picked Dragon Valley! (from Battlefield 2)

We spent some time playing all the maps at the top of the poll results to get refreshed on just how these maps felt in-game as well as what they looked like.

We were not only looking to just re-imagine the maps visually – we also would like the gameplay of the map to be similar to the old version. You should get that same feel for the game as you did back then.

One issue with our Dragon Valley pick was Battlefield 2’s really limited draw distance & fog, which enabled players to sneak around and get that “classic” conquest flag cap rotation in a relatively narrow map. This posed some problems to us as our draw distance in Battlefield 4 more or less covers the full map.

We were able to address this through the use of more foliage, a cloud layer and a taller, more fitting terrain.

Another important aspect of gameplay in the original was repairable bridges – something we are very happy to be able to include in the re-imagined map as well!

Today our Dragon Valley prototype will be made playable on the CTE in Conquest Large!

The plan is to get feedback on this prototype for a limited time and then get back to the Community Map Project.

As we want to focus your feedback on our classic map for the coming two weeks, we will switch the Community Map Project servers OFF during this period.

After these two weeks of feedback and testing on the CTE – we will go back to focusing on the Community Map Project again!

I played a couple of rounds on this last night, although its in its infantcy it bought back great memories of playing this map back in BF2 - so if you enjoyed this map its worth popping over to the CTE and Having a GO

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so, we're not getting the maps we wanted but the ones the devs want

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"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."
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So we won't get it in the Vanilla game?

''Stupid people aren't annoying, they're free entertainment!''
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think it will be part of free DLC later on with other classic maps, not sure though

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"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."
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Errr, they picked a map which didn't even get voted for??

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