Player In-Game Useful Commands
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These commands can be used by everyone on our servers since our upgrade. These are relative to our new statistics tracking system which gives a lot more information to players about pretty much everything you could need in-game. You can view these at any time ingame with the !rhelp command.

The commands are:

!rank or !stats - Both do the same thing, they will show you your individual statistics on the server (since the upgrade)
!session - Shows you your current play session information
!dogtags - Shows your top victim and nemesis with regards to stealing dogtags (since the upgrade)
!serverstats - Shows overall and average server statistics for every player (since the upgrade)
!top10 - Shows the overall top 10 players of all time (since the upgrade)
!wtop10 or !weektop10 - Shows the top 10 player for the last 7 days
!stats [weaponname] - Shows your statistics with a specified weapon (since the upgrade)
!top10 [weaponname] - Shows the top 10 players with a specified weapon (since the upgrade)
!playeroftheday or !potd - Shows the top player from the server for that day

**Please note that the weapon specific commands are currently temperamental and not work correctly from time to time, the others should be fine.

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