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Much much time layter idk maybe 6? or 5 mooths i have baned for this server [PTG] #1 24/7 Op Locker | All Weapons Allowed | 3200 Tickets
I want back this server and again play can u finally please unban me?
A lot has changed since then and I would play with my friends on the Server.

name in game


name server [PTG] #1 24/7 Op Locker | All Weapons Allowed | 3200 Tickets

thx And Regards

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Thanks given by:

Someone its here?

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Apologies for the delay in dealing with this ban, sometimes things slip through the net and we will be aiming to resolve this issue to it's conclusion within 24 hours. However please take note of our standard ban appeal reply here:

Thanks for taking the time to register on our forums to appeal your ban. 

The admin who banned you has been notified and all information will now be collected and investigated..

A Banned Liason Officer will give you the final verdict in due course. Rest assured your ban will be discussed fairly and non-judgmentally.

We aim to get back to you as soon as possible, typically within 72 hours depending on the amount of evidence to be reviewed. The outcome of your appeal will be posted in this thread.

Please read the following thread : 

Also try make sure you have Included in your ban appeal:

* Your INGAME username, 

* The reason given when you were banned (if you can remember it) 

* The server you were playing on at the time of the ban.

Once a decision has been reached the thread will be updated and then locked.

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07-21-2015, 01:38 PM Last post

Today 15.08.2015 cmn omg

someone that forum use or no?

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Mountain Glitching Above The [perm][PTG Ban Stick][All Appeals @]
In game nick freeK4il

Ban 8-9 moonth layter.......................................................................................

Still no answer
Soomeone unban me please?

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