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Due to the issues we were experiencing after the migration of our Op Locker server we have had to move to a new machine

Unfortunately this means another server IP change, however we were able to import the original stats from our backed up database , so this means that the server is now back in line with the ranks from before the migration and not the present ranks that were from 2 days ago.

If you no longer have our Op Locker server in your favs then search  PTG in the server browser on battlelog, you will be able to re add it

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Let's hope this'll fix it Smile

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0-64 all day oops

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I'm out all day. Join and send invites out to mew server

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I miss you all on this server. Looking in fav list every evening to find out that nobody is playing on this server ='(

Cant you send a mass mail to all registered user in forum to inform them about it? Big Grin

The other day i was on this server with 3-4 other guys playing for close to 3 hours in a single round. that was fun Big Grin

Make some ads for this server please Big Grin everyone on my origin friendlist is already informed Big Grin

see you, over & out, 10/4, roger wilcox

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It is relly nice to see your lockers server back. Big fan...but just one thing I know You guys are a bit sceptical regarding BF4DB plugin, but would you consider it?
Todays game:
two banned players...rather made this particular game unplesant.....or should I just report them separately??
Just an idea..so don`t bash me to hard ;D

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i looked into the bf4db plugin a while back

unfortunately there are to many false bans on that site to warrant the use of the plugin , we perfer people to report each player seperately then we can look into that player and if they have anything that stands out then we will take action based on evidence provided or found whilst investigating.

If you manage to catch someone cheating with evidence then provide that when reporting as that will make our job a little easier

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