Banned for cheating when i wasnt
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Dear PTG

I was recently banned on your server [PTG] #3 24/7 All Maps | 1600 Tickets | Fair Play Rules on BF4 on paracel storm at around 15:00 on 9/7/2015 with my origin ID thefpsgamer1125. The stated reason for being banned was because of cheating/glitching/aimbot. To tell you, i was not cheating. idk if you banned me from the server because i was too good or something but this is just straight up unfair. I was going 8/0 in the Attack Boat within about 10 minutes and got off to the shore, when suddenly i was banned from the server. Can you please make sure to ban people who actually ARE cheating and not just people who are playing good fair and square?



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i have spoken to the admin involved, and he said you was only kicked not banned.
so you can play back on the server if you wish.

[Image: PTG_seymourkuntz.png]
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