Ban appeal.
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Yesterday 12.7. 2015 at 23:30 I got banned on one of your BF4 servers: [PTG] #3 24/7 All Maps | 1600 Tickets | Fair Play Rules for cheating when I wasn´t. I never cheated in any game and in Battlefield too. Because I don´t need to cheat. If you are cheating you are killing the fun side of the game.
So there´s my story:
I was playing on your server like 4th round. I was trying to exp my skill on marksman. It wasn´t bad, because I have good score.
And then on Paracel Storm me and more snipers were sniping on the midle island. And I spotted enemy machine gunners on one of the island. They were using mortar and I started to shooting them. I was shooting them and they sometimes killed me. But it wasn´t hard, because they were just standing and shooting. So easy headshots. I missed so much times. And I got one running headshot and one trickshot, but my score wasn´t the best. So I don´t know why they banned me. I think they just raged and reported me. My name on Battlefield is Hentr. That´s all.
Thanks for help.

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Thanks for taking the time to register on our forums to appeal your ban. 

The admin who banned you has been notified and all information will now be collected and investigated..

A Banned Liason Officer will give you the final verdict in due course. Rest assured your ban will be discussed fairly and non-judgmentally.

We aim to get back to you as soon as possible, typically within 72 hours depending on the amount of evidence to be reviewed. The outcome of your appeal will be posted in this thread.

Please read the following thread : 

Also try make sure you have Included in your ban appeal:

* Your INGAME username, 

* The reason given when you were banned (if you can remember it) 

* The server you were playing on at the time of the ban.

Once a decision has been reached the thread will be updated and then locked.

[Image: DBD-sKuDz.png]
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Im currently looking into this ban appeal for you, i have spoken to a few admins on the server at the time to get an idea of why you was banned.

However i'd like to ask you to clarify which island/s you were sniping from prior to being banned from the server, this will help me further whilst investigating your ban


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It was the island next to Delta. The island without control point and bridge. And those two gunners were on island next to CN base, there´s sonar on it.

And reason why I was banned was : Cheating/Aimbot/Stats
Thanks for your time.

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please confirm island 1 or 2  Cheers 

[Image: F3JZnvT.jpg]

Thanks given by: Hentr
as anyone confirm it yet

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It is number 1.

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I won´t be here for two weeks. Just for information.


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