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Hello PTG, Sjors23 here. 

It's been a while, i hope you all are doing fine.

I wish to appeal my ban. Many of you already know the story and have spoken to Haru.

I wish to appologize from my side of the story. We both know that both sides talked a bit rough.
I never recruited, but i understand that it was suspicious since couple of members jumped over to FEAR, even tho i kept saying: please let them know its not because of me.

I understood from Haru that many things has been talked. we can always talk extra on mumble or just here of course, i am open for chat.

Please reconsider my ban

thank you

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Hi sjor's

Thank you for taking the time to appeal you ban,

the council would like to invite you onto mumble to have a chat in regards to your appeal before making a final decision  if this is ok then we would like to invite you this  sunday ( 6th ) at 6pm  GMT , if there is any issues in you attending then please let us know here and we will try to arrange some thing, however atm sunday is the only day most of the council can get together at the same time. Smile 

if you need to get in contact then please either reply here or send myself a PM threw the forums .


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