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hey guys!
I ask to remove from me a ban on PTG] #3 24/7 All Maps | 1600 Tickets | Fair Play Rules the server as I was banned not fairly
This was the map a dam on Mekong, I played by the boat and me banned for game from a red zone, but I had no other options as the enemy team took all points and could shoot from the boat only from a respa as if I would leave me at once started killing
Besides I was given a permanenty ban for some reason.
There is a strong wish to play again at you as many my friends from a clan often visit your server, and to me to come in any way.

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A ban liaison officer will get to you with regards to this.

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After reviewing your ban appeal we discovered you were banned for Racism, not for breaking our redzone rules.

We do not accept appeal requests for racism related bans as we have a ZERO TOLLERANCE policy.  Please be assured that the matter has been looked into by a Banned liaison officer by this stage.  

Thread Closed!

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