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ο Origin ID/soldier name:xAngelonex
ο Include your ban details such as: i was banned on ur bf4 server not sure why i got banned but it was on 05/09/2015.
ο Your side of the story, in a polite manner.
i have been playing on ur server alot and i really like it and i am not sure why i got banned or if i even got banned i just cant connect to ur server at all i only see a - sign on ur server ping since yesterday on ur server its like i got blocked from it or something so i hope you can help me with that.
and sorry if u cant understand what i said english is not my main language

and this is what i get in a red message: Game disconnected: Client closed down connection. Check your network connection and make sure that port 3659 (UDP) is open.''

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This is not a ban on our servers, this is a connection issue that is known with Battlefield 4 that is normally something on your end. We can not do anything about this as it is out of our hands. 

There are normally solutions and fixes on the Battlefield 4 Forums for this if the situation persists.

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