Banned because "admin couldnt see the tank"
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PTG Conquest server 24/7

I was banned by: Katsu971

Not sure how this is a legitimate reason for a ban.. As I have played many games on this server with PTG  members like PTG_Superman.
I had played 5 games in total in one session before an admin decided to ban me, Considering PTG admins   "maintain high standards and are subject to guidelines when going to extreme punishment i.e. Banning a player permanently from our servers."    I find this to be a random and excessive ban because I killed the admin a few times, which will no doubt bring you to my stats... On which I encourage you to visit, you can see I am in fact legitimate, I can play well, but I don't think that is a fair reason to be punished?...

I wasn't banned here when there was many admins on both teams

or here..

I am also an admin for a platoon -BZDC.

Therefore I am logging a formal appeal to have this ridiculously unfair ban lifted as I don't think banning random players for making a bit of competition is maintaining high standards. IS being good at FPS a reason for a ban?.  I would like you to consider the players from PTG I have played with that have'nt pointed fingers at me... superman, skalle, marko, tribunal_UK   and also the player I was banned by...   if he couldn't see the tank, and hes right I can only assume this is an in-game glitch, tanks don't need to be invisible.

I have played many times on this server with PTG and would like to in the future, you wouldn't be banned on our server for this sort of thing. I feel this is polite and honest as I have done nothing wrong to justify this action....

I look forward to hearing your response to this issue, thank you.

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Thanks for taking the time to register on our forums to appeal your ban.

The admin who banned you has been notified and all information will now be collected and investigated..

A Banned Liason Officer will give you the final verdict in due course. Rest assured your ban will be discussed fairly and non-judgmentally.

We aim to get back to you as soon as possible, typically within 72 hours depending on the amount of evidence to be reviewed. The outcome of your appeal will be posted in this thread.

Please read the following thread :

Also try make sure you have Included in your ban appeal:

* Your INGAME username,

* The reason given when you were banned (if you can remember it)

* The server you were playing on at the time of the ban.

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Thank you for your quick response.

I can't imagine there will be much evidence considering the circumtances for the ban as the admin actually listed every reason in the book on the ban message, again indicating he wasn't aware of what was actually happening, should there be any screenshots or video evidence contributing would you be able to post it here? I look forward to hearing the outcome to this unfair and ludicrous action taken against me for no reason.

thank you.

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the ban message is generic, we use alias messages to allow our admins to deal with situations quickly so it doesnt disrupt either the players on the server or there game time aswell

i am still looking into this and will get back to you by the end of the day with a response

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Still awaiting a response to my appeal from a week ago which was apparently supposed to be addressed on the 27th. On your forum and also your platoon wall it seems alot of LEGITIMATE players are having problems being banned by your admins for suspect, trivial and unknown reasons.

I don't believe I have broken any rules but I did kill the admin (katsu971) to the point he kicked/banned me and used an excuse of "suspected stats" to justify himself. As you can see here - my stats are NOT suspect and I have not been banned by legit anti-cheat systems despite multiple reports, again proving my innocents and legitimacy.

I feel this action fails to meet PTG requirements to "maintain high standards and are subject to guidelines when going to extreme punishment i.e. Banning a player permanently from our servers." Considering PTG admins "know how to run a public server" I find this very unusual.

I AGAIN ask could a qualified member resolve this unfair action...


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Sorry about the delay  i was ment to post the reply a few days ago but have been busy with stuff outside PTG and it slipped threw the cracks. My apologies

Thanks for taking the time to appeal your ban.  Please be assured that an investigation has been carried out thoroughly by banned liaison officers.  On this occasion we have decided that your ban will be lifted.  This may be for a variety of reasons, these are kept private within the clan records.

Please make sure you follow all our server rules while in game (type !rules in any server to access them), also take the time to read the following thread.

As part of the ban removal process, you will be monitored by our server admins, ensuring that rules are being adhered to.

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Hi k3rMz,

No worries, thank you for getting to the truth of this issue and rectifying this admins mistake, I trust this admin will be dealt with accordingly internally with-in PTG to prevent this happening again either to myself or other innocent and legitimate players, damaging PTG's otherwise very good reputation. I'd appreciate if you could make this case know to other PTG admins so that I do not get kicked or banned for " suspected stats / cheats" in future as of course I have proved I am, and will remain legit.

I'm well aware of PTG server rules and I don't intend on breaking them, as, with respect I do not believe I broke the rules to receive this punishment in the first place.

Thanks for removing this unfair and misguided ban and I look forward to seeing you and other PTG members in the servers.

Thanks again.

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