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So what was wrong with my PC?

It was the motherboard, as I expected. A couple of years ago I bought a new graphics card, which my PS barely could handle. And after a bit of gaming, the PS went, well, KAPOW, to so call it. My mobo really got a HUGE hit from that, (note that it happened 2 years ago). So apparently it has been like this for 2 years.

Anyhow, here's my new one, MSI 970A-G46

Also, there was some sort of short circuit in my PC, which was my cooler fan for the processor, got a new one too Smile
My PC was cleaned up, all the bullshit removed, so it's as new now Smile
Plus, many of my unnecessary fans got taken out, as he said those weren't important.

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Interesting, lesson learned for you i guess
Good thing all is up and running again Smile

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